How to visit us?

You find us inworld at deviousMind/100/200/30, our home sim and big virtual playground in SL! Here’s an aerial map of the sim to give you a first idea of the set up, please click the image for a larger view to read the descriptions better!

Click to enlarge!

If you haven’t been to the virtual world of Second Life® yet but are curious, you can as well use the above link. Just look at the upper right corner in the opening SLurl™ page, and you’ll find an option that will allow you to sign up for an account.

Short introduction to our world?

Words are not the same as visions, but we’ll try our best for an accurate description:

DeviousMind is two things… for one, it’s home of our SL stores, for the other, it’s photoscenery – enjoy atmospheric shopping and SL photo spots of a different kind! (And don’t expect to find ‘just a store’, that’s far from what you will really find!)

Set into an eclectic mix between 1920s/30s upper class and blue collar workers, deviousMind sim lets you travel back in time and enjoy your fantasies – humorous, burlesque, romantic, devious, dark, mysterious, whimsical, psychedelic or simply relaxed. Or maybe you’re feeling a little bit dominant today?

Regardless of what your mood, explore (*chanimations photography props and poses, !dM deviousPoses, eyes, hair, skin and burlesque couture & accessories at deviousBeauty, explore our skybox-prefabs and photostages or come fishing at the docks with 7seas fishing game. Have a romantic dance at Theater Square or watch the flamingos in the park… or visit the little flowershop and have pizza at the waters afterwards – bend time and stop by TimeWarp, our little store for retro and psychedelic home decor.


And if that’s not enough yet, you can visit Elise Capalini and grab a few cupcakes out of her Cupcakes & Poetry bakery on the way or stop by Nathalia Parisi’s Captain’s Quarters houses and prefabs at the market square across the river.


Whatever you decide to do, deviousMind offers you a variety of different things to explore and hang out at, and we’d love to see you stop by one day too!

When arriving at our central sim TP point, wait a few moments for the streetsigns (see the blue dots on above sim map) to rezz – they will assist you either as teleports, or will indicate you the general direction in which to go for each store or photospot. As well, we’ve set new additional arrival points for deviousBeauty and TimeWarp, click the little images above for direct ride to them!

If you’re fun-loving and openminded, and allow everybody else you meet to enjoy their stay at deviousMind as well, you’re cordially invited!

February 2018
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