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Good morning everybody,

After another long while of reading Second Life blogs, information pages, discussions, we’d like to pass some information to all of you as well:

The preparations of Linden Labs regarding the change to the new filtering system seem to be coming to an end, and from the information given in their blog, in September 2009 (though no exact date specified, I believe we will all see it on our log-in screens) regions/classifieds must be flagged appropriately.

As there is some confusion (and missinformation) about what you need to do in order to ‘verify’, and as it can differ from region to region, here’s what you need to know in order to continue coming to deviousMind sim:

1. deviousMind rates as ADULT.

Our products range from whimsically-cheerful-suitable-for-all-ages to full-on-adult – so in order to not split up our stores and make it more difficult for you to find what you’re looking for, all will stay as is and the sim will be set to adult rating.

2. requirements needed to access deviousMind sim

For our sim, you will need to be EITHER age-verified OR have payment info on file with Linden Labs. You don’t need to have both, one of those choices will be enough.

You add either of both by going to Second Life website,, log-in with your name/password and go to ‘Account’ – go to either ‘Age Verification’ or ‘Update Payment Info’ depending on your choice of verification.

3. check your own preferences!

By default, when downloading the 1.23 SL client, only mature and PG will be enabled. To see adult content, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Edit menu –> Preferences… (or shortcut CTRL-P)
  2. In the first tab, “General” you find a dropdown menu at the right lower side, your setting needs to be changed to “PG, Mature and Adult”
  3. If you want to find ‘adult’ rated content in Search, you need to as well enable the adult content checkbox on the top of your Search window – Attention, it seems SL does not save these settings! you need to re-specify when opening the Search again.

4. you can’t or don’t want to access adult areas?

Please stay in touch with us through our update group or website/blog, all anouncements regarding new products and information on satelite stores in different maturity settings will be done through those. As well, we continue to have our listings on xStreet, which will of course be rated appropriately to the item itself :-)
—> search marketplace for Chandra Meehan or Lucca Staheli to see all our listings

Further information from Linden Labs:

All details of the ratings and specifications can be found here:

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding,
Chandra Meehan and Lucca Staheli

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