!dM deviousMind

!dM deviousMind

!dM deviousMind was created as far back as 2009, and in that course of time deviousMind has been a lot of things… for one, it’s our home sim – everybody knows that. For the other, it’s been our brand for any little creation we made throughout the years that wasn’t covered by the typical pose & props lines by (*chanimations.

As time developed, it has now turned into your top known brand for Burlesque Couture and Accessories, along side with samba costumes, fetish glamor and PinUp fashion you will find a wide range of clothing releases to tickle your senses and stimulate your mind in a fresh and often colorful way.

Our designs often go hand-in-hand with releases under (*chanimations photography props and poses, so most likely if you love one brand, you’ll die for the other too – don’t miss to check both stores out while your at deviousMind sim!

(*chanimations is located right-hand of the park in the large theater building, !dM deviousMind can be found left-hand of the park in its very own elegant deviousBeauty building and gallery. ;)


Our creations are focusing on versatility. So their main focus is your ability to combine the many items included in a way that allows you to create your own unique style in a group of a few people wearing the same outfit – or as a dear friend once said “the box content was geared to dress a whole burlesque troupe”. She’s likely got a point. ;)

We love to surprise and put a smirk on your lips – and never forget the humor in things, the sex appeal, the little devious twist and of course the feathers. Time to dance and play! :)

In general:

  • If you buy one of our outfits, you won’t ever need to buy an upgraded version of it – all items include an update checker in the box so any additions or new features to a costume (best example would be additions of Lolas Apliers or addition of mesh versions of an old texture release) will be covered for free for you, all you need to do is follow our update infos or check our blog what’s being updated :)
  • All clothing items no transfer but copy, and operate mainly with a resize&stretch menu to adjust size.
  • We have started to include appliers for Lolas Tangos in our newer releases. These are not sold, they are just in the box ;) We are planning to update older releases that suit the Tangos as well, so keep eyes open or visit up update page from time to time to check.
  • If you would like to gift a costume to somebody, you can either do this directly through our inworld vendors (please be sure to read the instructions provided and have the correct spelling or UUID key of the person you’d like to gift at hand), or you can choose to send as a gift from the marketplace. Last, there is also giftcards available at deviousMind sim, so you may as well give this as a present.
  • Items are usually a mix of flexi prims, sculpties and meshes – if your viewer has restrictions on any of these, it might be good to read the content notecard provided for each set so you get an idea what’s all inside.


Refunds will be ONLY given in case of accidential double purchase – in those cases, please send a notecard with BOTH transaction numbers of both purchases in-world to Chandra Meehan and return all transfer items that might have been included in the set in question.

Except in the above mentioned case, there will be no refunds since all costumes are no transfer.

If in doubt about something, please ask ahead of time or read the costume description notes closely before you purchase. For mesh items, we have demos provided at our mainstore and marketplace free of charge. Please make sure you try these.

To receive a notecard with detailed listing of each set’s content, please click the information signs on the walls or look them up on our blog (simply use the search field to find the set you’re interested in) – Please as well read the information provided to see the property settings of the individual parts in the product!

If you like to try something that’s not rezzed at the store at moment, leave a message and we’ll get back to you :)

Marketplace and Update Group:

If it’s more convenient for you, all our products are as well on the <a href=”https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/31565″>marketplace</a> (former xStreet former SLexchange) – stop by if you’d like to gift an item.

If you’re interested in our update group, please join inworld the following:  – Just copy this link to your chat and click the appearing link for the group window to open.

Flickr Pool

If you’re on flickr, please join the (*chanimations and DeviousMind Poses and share your pictures with us! We’re curious :-))) http://www.flickr.com/groups/chanimations/

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