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(*chanimations photography props and poses

This product line is most likely the first of its kind – complete photography poses with all respective props needed to cover the main aspects of the picture. No more hunting down accessories. And hopefully lots of inspiration for you!

All our photoposes are static and most (due to their theme and nature) created to be used wearing high heels – please preview on the posevendor since their look might slightly differ with each avartar!


(*chanimations are photoposes that are not everyday-standard for artistic shots or a bit of nostalgic flair – and each with a set of high quality props, unique custom textures and love for the details!

We love to surprise and put a smirk on your lips – and never forget the humor in things. Time to play! :-)

(*FetishCabaret ZebraRideZebraRide and VintageCarousel props, AO-pose by ANA_mation

(*FetishCabaret “ZebraRide” including 6 poses, (*VintageCarousel in backround.
Right picture: AO-pose created by ANA_mation <3, dress by Latex Station

In general:

  • All poses and rezzable pose-props are no transfer but copy, this way you can use poses in your own posestands as well or keep something rezzed at your home or studio and still have it ‘when needed’ for ‘outdoor shooting’ ;)
  • Attachment props are to the most transfer (except skin/hair items in pekingOpera!) so you can pass them to your model.
  • Items are no mod, attachments that require fitting adjustement can be resized with touch-menu and resize script.
  • The outfits worn in our ads are not included in the pose set, cause clothing is way more than “just a prop” – so if you are curious about an outfit worn in an ad that’s not specified in the info notecard, simply ask!


Refunds will be ONLY given in case of accidential double purchase – in those cases, please send a notecard with BOTH transaction numbers of both purchases in-world to Chandra Meehan and return all transfer items that might have been included in the set in question.

Except in the above mentioned case, there will be no refunds since all poses and rezzable pose-items are no transfer.

For this reason, please read closely the set description before you purchase and/or try the poses on your avatar in our mainstore, to ensure the set meets your needs!

To receive a notecard with detailed listing of each set’s content, please click the information signs on the walls or look them up on our blog (simply use the search field to find the set you’re interested in) – Please as well read the information provided to see the property settings of the individual parts in the product!

If you like to try something that’s not rezzed at the store at moment, leave a message and we’ll get back to you :-)

Marketplace and Update Group:

If it’s more convenient for you, all our products are as well on the marketplace (former xStreet former SLexchange) – stop by if you’d like to gift an item.

Watch out for future photoposes, or join either of our Update Groups inworld – if you are interested in all aspects of !dM creations, join the !dM deviousMind – UPDATE GROUP simply by clicking the sign in our stores – if the poses are the only aspect of interest to you, your can just click the book in the (*chanimations store entrance or search in groups for (*chanimations to receive this information only!

Flickr Pool

If you’re on flickr, please join the (*chanimations and DeviousMind Poses and share your pictures with us! We’re curious :-)))

(*chanimations and deviousMind flickr group widget by

And last but not least:
Some general SL information

Animations are a ‘sensitive subject’ in SL and leave all pose-creators with the same problems:

For one, the avatar mesh used in Second Life allows sometimes no ‘good solution’ for a pose which becomes extremely obvious in dramatic poses that would (thinking about RL body) require a lot of acrobatics and tension – it seems to create spikes, twists and ‘holes’ if not created carefully.

The other issue with animations is that they are highly dependent on the measurements of your avatar – so you will find that some poses seem to just be ‘not right’ (hands sunk in your leg, floating above body, and so on and so on.) while those of other creators are ‘the perfect ones’ – it’s all based on what type of avatar shape was used in the creation process. Unfortunately there is no way to make a pose work for all sizes, although we try to test them on different ‘shape prototypes’ with extreme different settings, but regardless of this attempt on our side, we highly recomend you ALWAYS try poses on your avatar if you have the chance to do so before purchase, to see if it’s matching up with your shape. Usually, if you need something specific for a picture and can’t find the matching pose, alter your shape slightly for the picture and save under a different name.

Unfortunately animations playing on the ground (such as ground sits, kneels, lying) are a bit difficult in SL (this is due to the animation format Second Life uses, which aligns everything depending on the hips’ height; and for that not only the avartar height is means of measure but as well legs’ length, height of shoes’ platform, and so on) – you have probably seen already many examples of avartars floating somewhere high up in air or sink into the ground.

For this reason, it is always better to use posestands or poseballs for your photoshootings, that way you can make sure the model actually sits where they are supposed to (and as well don’t start with random typing animations, movements due to accidential clicking something and all these good things that make life for us photographers difficult)!

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