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StageSet: (*chanimations “ChicagoUnderground”

“Devious, dirty, rich… ”



July 2012

(*chanimations’ stageSets are our new photography and performance scenes and pretty much exactly what it sounds like: scenery sets for on stage :) Each pack contains two versions – one fit for “La Burlesque” photoStage (“LB fit”) with the exact measures to fit into the stage, and a 2nd version geared more towards a photo studio use with a lot more floor and walls on a 17×19.5m footprint for a larger choice of photography angles. The stage version is set to phantom so you can walk into the scene from behind stage before durtain opens.

Please take note: stageSets are scenes only without any poses!

If you’re looking for matching props with poses, have a look at (*chanimations “PreciousMoments” (vault with poses) or FetishCabaret SET 30 “RetroGlam” (chaise with gramaphone) – or many of our other sets which will fit with the stage style. :)

"ChicagoUnderground" - Click for large size!

-ChicagoUnderground- has it’s origins from deviousMind’s “The Underground” bar, built by Lucca when we created the initial sim structure in 2009. It’s been one of these things that most people didn’t discover right away – or still haven’t even – kinda like you would picture the classy spot for dirty business with it’s charming back office, huge money vault, and marble desk. Needless to say, it’s been used for so many photos during the course of the years that it’s about time to share a version of our sim history with everybody. :)

The walls are color scripted and allow the following color choices:

• red-brown,
• sand-gold,
• teal-green,
• magenta-red.

As with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!

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(*chanimations – “PreciousMoments” (GoodTimes set #01)

“A bullet-proof retirement plan…”


GoodTimes SET #01
July 2012

If you’ve strolled around deviousMind, you most likely come across “The Underground” already. Ever since the sim opened, this has been one of our favorite places to talk with friends or take pictures – so it’s nearly surprising that it took so long to start (*chanimations own pose series dedicated to those 1920s times of the Syndicate.

There’s quite the surprise hidden inside the heavy vault of GoodTimes set #01 and the door to this new pose theme opens with a lot of boom bang, cash and – of course – sex appeal! Get those pinstripes out and dress up elegantly to join the Good Fellas and dolls of Chicago’s vintage mafia era.

(*chanimations -PreciousMoments- contains photography props and poses with the following properties:

17 (13) POSES
(no mod/no transfer):

• (*vault_beware,
• (*vault_stand (mirror),
• (*vault_stand (mirror headMove),
• (*vault_bangBang,
• (*vault_stand,
• (*vault_stand (headMove),
• (*vault_relaxing,
• (*vault_stand (lookBack),
• (*vault_beware (mirror),
• (*vault_carefulNow (legOut),
• (*vault_carefulNow,
• (*vault_carefulNow (mirror),
• (*vault_stand (armUp),
• (*vault_stand (armUp headMove),
• (*vault_trouble,
• (*vault_superTrouble,
• (*vault_superTrouble (headMove)

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements with the set. To match the nature of the series, all poses are designed to look best with high heels, of course :D

To allow for more freedom with the picture, there are a few versions included which allow head movement.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations – moneyVault – 13 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – moneyVault (w/out Sync) – 13 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – moneyVault w/Cash – 18 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – moneyVault w/Cash (w/out Sync) – 18 PRIMS

(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations – gunProp Owner (left)
• (*chanimations – gunProp Owner (right)

(trans/no copy/no mod)

• (*chanimations – gunProp #1 (left)
• (*chanimations – gunProp #1 (right)
• (*chanimations – gunProp #2 (left)
• (*chanimations – gunProp #2 (right)

Rezz Optional:
(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations – PreciousMoments multiPosestand – 4 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – PreciousMoments multiPoseball – 1 PRIM

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