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“Dance of the Harpy”

I really wanted to share this video with you from amazing performer and choreographer Diawa Bellic, who’s been SO strutting her feathers (in the truest sense) with our !dM “Harpyia” **GACHA** costume and belts from last round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival – I am super excited to have some “moving” pictures! :D

Amazing as always, Di! And big massive credits to fuzonacid for the lovely video edit – thank you so much for creating this! <3



“Carnival!” Epilog


A very special “Thank you!” again to Runway Cafe for organizing this amazing show, all the models who put so much effort into styling up, and BOSL’s DJ Sofia Diage for the fantastic hosting and music. As promised, here’s a few more pictures :)

My appologies already at this point that I didn’t get to finish up all the pictures I took of everybody – I took way too many but some unfortunately screwed up with the weird shadow bug SL likes to do :(

Hope you’ll get a good idea of how much fun we had during that weekend with the ones I do have though :D

Left is Jena Adder also known as “She who successfully controls the models’ flock” in Showtime. The leading picture above is Algezares Magic in “Bayou Belle” – I love the makeup she created to go along with the costume. Both truely looking fantastic!


Above dancing on the balconies is Michela Benazzi in “Coco mon Coeur”, Nxraven wearing “Miss Josephine”, Kellis Denimor in “Miss Leprechaun”, Locuala Madruga dancing in “La Chouette Du Paradis” **BLACK** and on the very right Suga Leakey in “My Darlin’ Valentine”.

Lefthand one more of DiamondGem Destiny with “Miss Dhalia” in red – she couldn’t have stopped any more fitting on her walk :D

My appologies for not having any picture of Alethia Bonham :( will try to see if I can get some magic to the ones I did catch, but it’s gonna take some photoshop magic cause too dark or really bad angles I caught :(

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“Carnival!” at Runway Cafe

Algezares, DiamondGem, Locuala and Raven

Last Show February 10, 2013
at 1 PM SLT

Come by for the last of 3 Carnival shows tonight (or afternoon :D) at 1 PM SLT at Runway Cafe/137/24/1253 – you sure don’t want to miss this, Runway Cafe CEO Alix Abruzzo has done yet again a masterpiece on organization, and I feel so honored to give this show its “feathery samba girls flair” with deviousMind’s Carnival, Samba and Burlesque designs!

A special thanks to River Anwyl and Jena Adder for their great work with the models (and supplying a super easy list for me to send boxes out :D).

This show wouldn’t be the same if not for Sofia Diage from BOSL, who gives the happenings on stage the final touch with a perfect music choice of good moods and samba rhythms and her very charming voice as a hostess. (Needless to say, I am myseriously craving bananas ever since the first show took place!!)

And last but not least, thanks a million times to Nathalia Parisi for the fantastic stage design and for jumping in so short notice and picking up the challenge of this build. It turned out fabulous, as was to be expected!

But enough talking now, here are the first few of all the pictures I took during last nights Carnival show at Runway Cafe – more to come for sure, cause there’s more sitting on my HDD and I’m sure I’ll be snapping like crazy again tonight at 1PM :D

Locuala Madruga
Locuala Madruga just absolutely stunning from styling down to the perfect picture taking pose – love the addition of the mesh/sculpted (?) hands, too. Totally didn’t notice these up to doing the picture and wondering why the curve is so perfect :D

Federica Galtier
I didn’t even consider that orange would go with blonde up to seeing Federica Galtier with this fabulous styling! Thanks so much for that lesson, Federica!

And Ficceh shows us, that orchids are just the perfect tropical plants with her styling of “WildOrchid” in pink… apparently they grow between confetti, too ;)

DiamondGem Destiny
DiamondGem Destiny does her name full justice with this amazing makeup which she chose to go with “Showtime” in **CANARY**, as seen above :D

And then there’s of course the fantastic audience! Thank you all for coming out last night and making the street celebation a true celebration! I wish I had got more pictures of the costumes that were worn :)

The fantastic audience on Feb 9th 2013

If you haven’t been over yet, make sure to not forget deviousMind’s Carnival Sale at Runway Cafe sim to get ready for Mardi Gras :)…

!dM deviousMind – Carnival Sale at Runway Café!


Exclusive carnival sale of the costumes worn during the show and of course anything else purple-gold-green at Runway Cafe sim for the duration of “Carnival!” show (Feb 8-10) – so go hurry for all your samba and burlesque needs ;D

So what better reason to get prepared to Mardi Gras ;)
And here’s some pictures of “Bayou Belle” to put you in the mood, paired with !dM “Showtime” and “Perola do Brasil” in the 2nd picture (the sepia one) :D – Happy Carnival!

Looking back on “Burlesque”


“Welcome to Burlesque…”

It took me a bit longer than i expected, but here’s finally a tiny little impression of “Burlesque” fashion show organized by Alix Abruzzo from Runway Cafe and Nino Heartsdale of House of Heartsdale. The show was created as a fusion of cabaret and fashion show, with live DJ and the models performing famous songs from movies such as Burlesque, Cabaret, Moulin Rouge and Sweet Charity. A special thanks at this point to the girls of “Team Europe” (picture above) who presented my costumes on stage in such a gorgeous way <3 You were doing such a great job! (And boy.. after seeing that rehearsal schedule, I will never look at SL modeling the same way before! ;D)

burlesqueShow_blog_25012012_003If you missed it, you really did miss an amazing event!

This has been the very first “fashion show” I joined with !dM deviousMind and wow, what a great premiere ;D – not only did our two lovely organizer ladies pick unknowingly the show dates right around my toons rezz day, they created a show and ambience that was just mindblowing. A special thanks at this point to Toxic Darkmatter for the amazing build the event was hosted in, and Tristan for the fun and entertaining DJing and live commentary the on-goings on stage.  (I admit, the DJing blew me away most of the whole event, cause I didn’t expect it!!)


The show included a total of 6 designers, each set dedicated to its own song. Blacklace for “Moulin Rouge”, !dm deviousMind performing to “Good Girl”, Hugo’s Design meeting Madonna’s “Hanky Panky”, INSOLENCE with classic cabaret number “Mein Herr”, Lady Thera met a “Big Spender” and Mon Cheri greeted with a smokey “Welcome to Burlesque” – each with their own custom built set designs, choreography, and special effects.

And I really can’t pass on sharing this shot with you which shows the amazing styling mix Nino created with parts of different costumes of mine – I’m totally in awe and will have to make sure to save a copy of that combination somewhere in my outfits as well ;D Seen in the picture are pieces of !dM “Black Lenore”, !dM “Showtime” Black Peacock, and even a tiny bit of (*chanimations’ photoset “VanityDeluxe” can be found in the mix – and trust me, I inspected her well – she definitely used some pieces in a rather unconventional manner (*dies laughing*) but the final look – oh my!


“Burlesque” – Show Information


a unique and exciting show based on a brand new concept ~
a fusion of fashion with theatre.


The show will feature some of Second Life’s top fashion models performing famous songs from movies such as Burlesque, Cabaret, Moulin Rouge and Sweet Charity.

A total of 6 designers including: Blacklace, !dm deviousMind, Hugo’s Design, INSOLENCE, Lady Thera and Mon Cheri will be participating in this event, which will feature custom built set designs, choreography, and special effects in a way never before seen in Second Life.

Animations will be provided by MyANIMATION (who are creating dances specifically for this show), Animazoo and Vista Animations.

The show will run for 3 days in January 2012:


Sponsors of the show include: BOSL, Maniera, Icon and Too Sexy Magazines, with media coverage including print, radio and TV. A video is being produced which will be available on You Tube.

We look forward to letting us entertain you!

Nino Heartsdale, CEO House of Heartsdale
Alix Abruzzo, CEO Runway Cafe


“Down the Chimney” Hunt

“Skipping Stones” continues “Down The Chimney”…

by !dM deviousMind and (*chanimations
Special Creation for Down The Chimney Hunt 2009

The room was silent… aside of the soft cackeling from the fireplace, there was hardly any sound heard. All the usual busy noices of the summer swallowed by the cotton-like snow which was covering all the things outside like a blanket during their deep sleep.

Suddenly, a rumbling cuts through the silence, it nearly seems the flames danced a bit faster in their excitement. Then a last lound, hollow **CLONK** and with the huge cloud of soot spitting out the chimney into the room, a well wrapped little something rolls right out of the fireplace towards the tree. Black and dirty, but the sound woke everybody up and they hurried down in the livingroom. Looking at the mess, they looked at each other then back to the thing. It was heavy! And I mean: BY FAR too heavy. So we hurried to unwrap it, and to our displeasure, all that it had contained were a few huge stones. “Great.. let’s skip stones on the frozen lake…” a sarcastic voice could be heard in the room, coming from one of the girls in the back.

When the wrapping paper was tossed towards the trashcan in disappointment, a little note fell off one of the stones:

“Just so you know, I got the repair bill of your chimney from last year.
Get your stuff outside the door this time, and stop wanting so big things!

Regards, Santa and his elves.

PS: attached a copy of our bill for the extra service this year – I believe we are even now.”

We looked at one another, slightly puzzled, but nevertheless excited. And outside the door, we found quite a few other things – and we would have HATED to see those partially burned and soot covered coming out of the chimney:


4 (3) POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (*cane2_stand
• (*cane2_stand (headTurned)
• (*cane2_stand (crossed)
• (*cane2_kneel

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into
your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. Some come with head turned
in different direction or free headmovement, to allow for more variety of your pictures.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

Clothing layer (copy/no transfer/no modify):
•  (*MoulinRouge Gloves

Attachments (copy/no transfer/no mod – modify with resize script):
•  (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers ** – right (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge GloveFeathers ** – left (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge SequinsSkirt ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge -FetishCabaret- Cane ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge -DownTheChimney- Cane ** (w/resize)
•  (*MoulinRouge TopHat ** (w/resize)

With the upcoming New Year’s Eve in mind, we have focused on something party-suitable that will make you the sparkeling center of New Year’s party, or any other party following after that :-) It’s a special color edition of our MoulinRouge couture line, paired with 4 new poses especially created for the cane in this set. These are different poses as those in our FetishCabaret MoulinRouge, but another perfect addition to them!


You’ll see some more pictures of the hunt-gift as preview on FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL blog.


The feathers are digitally illustrated – so no fuzzy halos or edges and only 100% feather goodness mixed with shiney sequins and stones, for a burlesque performance that will stay in mind! Size of all pieces can be adjusted by click through a simple resize script, and you are able to store the new size if you’d like – please read included notecard about the resize script functions for further details.

You will find two versions of the cane included, -DownTheChimney- Cane is matching up with the poses included in this Hunt Gift, the -FetishCabaret- Cane is aligned to match the poses that we have as (*FetishCabaret SET 20 “MoulinRouge” for purchase in our store. So the only difference is its positioning in your hand to save you some time with aligning in case you have the FetishCabaret poses already or plan to get them.


Burlesque is ment to be erotic fun, so no, there are no panties and bra included in this set. The lingerie worn by one of our models in the picture was created by Forda Fairlane – not sure if you can still purchase it, but sure you’ll have something else to wear it with in your inventory already ;-)


All textures for the items included in this set are created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

More Info’s about “Down The Chimney Hunt”?

Starting December 6th 2009, this hunt is something completely different from what you’d expect of a christmas hunt – like Nuala Shippe, organizer of the hunt, put it so nicely to the point:

The hunt focused on what comes down the chimney, and is not so much turning you into the christmas tree yourself.


As already in Skipping Stones Hunt of late August, the winter hunt features again some of the best vintage, retro, bohemian, artsy type stores, and runs from December 6-20 2009 with approximately 100 stores (need to verify the number of those, not quite sure at moment)  – so just the right timeframe to log in and take a few stops here and there, and rest asured, you can wait with the unpacking of your hunt-gifts till well after christmas, they very likely will not turn out of season :-)

We’re excited to be part again of this great group of designers!

And get of course all the infos you might possibly need:

Hunt Blog:



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