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I am asked a lot about the images taken for the ads and/or things worn in them – so while it is by far too much to list every single item worn in the pictures (as I usually mix and match attachments, layers, and other accessories from multiple different outfits and creators with own stuff), I’ll cover those things that I am asked frequently about, as well as hair and shoes cause it’s easy (as long as it’s my own and not worn by a model). So unfortunately the list cannot be complete, but at least a good start!

Please look up the respective stores/creators through inworld search if you like to go to any of these places.
Things are listed in random order, but at least somewhat categorized.


I use a fair amount of items from June Dion’s Bare Rose for ads, so that is a good start to go outfit hunting for a reasonably awesome price. I get most questions about these ads (click image to see large version):


PekingOpera ad series:

Worn for “PekingOpera” ads is an outfit named “Sara” by Bare Rose. It comes in blue, brown, red and purple (or pink, not quite sure at moment) when you purchase it.

I adjusted the colors in photoshops for the black, mint and frangipani ad to be more matching with the background shadings, so these exact outfit colors don’t exist inside of Second Life – the outfit is mod though, so I would imagine you can tint the prims slightly to get a different tint.

ShowDiva, ShowGirl and FeatherQueen ad:


Layers of June Dion’s ‘Show Girl’ outfit, mixed with the latex gloves from (*chanimations “SoftStings”, latex suit (light and medium) by Jackie Graves, a black corset (not quite sure who’s it was I have so many :-D) and again pieces from Bare Rose of a sci-fi-manga-fantasy type outfit, the name was something with ‘thorn’. And all that mixed so that the layers don’t interfere with one another :-D – All three images use old hairstyles by ETD and Bax Ankle Boots.


This is an easy answer due to lack of clothing really:

Prestige Boots by Bax Coen, and diamondLingerie by me :D the diamond lingerie in this color is part of the Showtime CouturePack **WINTERBURLESQUE**, which you can find at deviousBeauty building. Hair is by Cake.

Home^Improvement & fruitFetish:



The outfits in this series are a merry mix-and-match from various creators.

Top address for all 50s related things (and part of what was worn in many ads of fruitFetish and home^improvement series) is Antonia Marats’ artilleri. Another place worth stopping by is Canimal!

And again shoes worn are from Stiletto Moody, there’s a few pinUp type styles available in all colors to match whatever you were wearing. Worn in the right ad are the models ‘Marlene’ Coral and ‘Brigitte’ Skyblue/Black.


I think it’s save to say that the majority of ads uses styles by Truth Hawks – especially those pin-up styles we used for the fruitFetish series.  Other haircreators you’ll find on my ad images are ETD (especially on my older ads), Curio Hair (see the praliné storeposter further down), and Cake.

I am not sure about the styles and who is the creator when I work with models, so this list is completely un-complete in that regard, as those make likely 50% of my images – usually I ask my models for a color of hair and if short, long or updo, and whatever they put on, we take :-D


Here again applies the same as with the hair – whatever a model has that fits the theme is what we take (as usually I go by the premise of ‘whatever is available without lagging through stores to get it is good’ – admitted, I know my regular models on a friends’ basis, so it’s also easy to pick someone who will have what I need :-D)

If I need heels for the picture, I usually go with “the higher, the better” if it’s in their inventory – which is again why I don’t know the exact names of the styles used :D. One style you’ll repeatedly see is Stiletto Moody BARE Ingrid (cause I bought them specifically to use with the fruitFetish and FetishCabaret ads), and you’ll also see S.M. “Judy” a lot in different images cause I really love the RL design they were made after.

When it comes to boots, a good majority of ads use Bax Ankle or Prestige boots by Bax Coen. I absolutely love them and they match so many things i make. But again, I am not really focused on anything and usually use whatever matching color I (or the model) happen to have in inventory to go with the feel I like to create in the ad image.



I really do appreciate A LOT the feedback I get on our vendor boards :D Thank you all SO SO SO much for not only seeing them as ‘neccessary evil’ but actually looking at the images for the picture itself :-D This means a lot to me, as you can imagine, a lot of work goes into setting them up!

Unlike storeposters (which are easily detected as using the full force of photoshop powers :D), my actual ads for the pose-set vendors in general don’t use any photoshop tricks other than light effects and smoothing the triangular shadows in the faces a bit – and obviously setting the image free of it’s background to add drop shadows. I try to transfer pictures as pure as possible from SL onto the vendor image, as I feel any form of heavy shape fixes in photoshop are misleading,  same as over-the-top effects on the pictures that distract from the actual avatar. And yes, sometimes a pose has a weak spot and requires to be shot from certain angles which they were made for – SL avatar mesh is really bad and anything that only resembles ‘dramatic’ in a pose immediately ends in weird avatar edges, spikes, holes and so on. :-( So that is the trade-off to an interesting pose.

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