FAQs: Custom Work

The question comes about from time to time, and yes, under certain circumstanced we do customs, but:

Only to the following conditions:

  • Let us know what you are looking for, we’ll let you know in return if it’s something we can see ourselves building.
  • We won’t produce anything ‘exclusively for you alone’, as likely you will not like the price for a complete and utter ‘one-time-being-sold-item’. Anything we build based on custom request will need to be made available as well to others SL residents through our store – if that’s something you don’t like, don’t ask us to build unless you’re willing to spend RL currency per hour on it. :-)
  • If we agree to put your wish into prims, we do it at our own pace and with own creativity – after all we’d like to preserve ‘our style’ in the things we do, which is assumingly why you contacted us in the first place.
  • We won’t charge any added fees for you and you can simply come to the store and buy it once the set is out for sale – and if you don’t like the way it looks, no harm done either as likely we won’t agree to custom work that doesn’t somewhat match our own vision of deviousMind and (*chanimations.
  • Most important: Stay respectful of other creators. Don’t ask us to re-build somebody else’s creation only cause ‘it would be nicer in green’. It’s an honor to us if you think we would do it nicer, but play with open cards please.

And after that all being said… If in doubt about something, simply ask :-)

Big Thanks!

While we’re on the topic of inspirations and customs, a big big thanks for all the laughs and giggles to everybody who’s ever mentioned anything that should exist and be it only that they were making a joke and taken a TAD bit too serious. ;-) Especially comes to mind Nathalia, Lartorvis, Nikodemus, Meadow, Elise, Tempest, Fenna, Artika and everybody who constantly sparks our creativity and makes  me smirk with mischief cause they don’t know what will expect them next.. *giggles*

(those who know us know we are very easily amused ;-))))

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