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BurlesqueCouture: !dM deviousMind “Just let me be your Ladybug”

“24 hours a day I give you love”


“Just let me be your Ladybug”

by !dM deviousMind

May 2016 is another Enchantment month, this time all creations are dedicated to “Thumbelina” and it finally gives us a reason to bug you with love!

“Just let me be your Ladybug” is a cute little beetle number with lots of sheen and ruffles and sex appeal – and optional feather add-on.

The costume is a fitted mesh bodice for Maitreya “Lara” as well as Slink “Physique” or “Hourglass” – and since ladybugs are so nice and shiney, we choose to create this as latex ensemble paired with flexi feather attachments for movement and fluffy cuteness. The bodice is included in 3 wear styles, plain, with ruffles and with a ruffle tail. Included are color matching fishnet stockings as well as a black stockings version and little ladybird antennas.

The ensemble is materials enabled and availabe 8 ladybird colors **WHITE**, **BLACK&WHITE**, **YELLOW**, **BLACK&YELLOW**, **ORANGE**, **BLACK&ORANGE**, **RED**, and **BLACK&RED**. And of course there’s a **COLOR PACK** if you just can’t decide or want the ability to mix and match.

ATTENTION: This release is with version 1.0 for mesh bodies only!
The rigged gown comes in 3 sizes as fitted mesh for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Slink Hourglass.

To the extend of our testing it should fit most normal shapes using these bodies straight out of the box. Minor adjustments may be required for some though. PLEASE TRY THE FREE DEMO BEFORE PURCHASE if you are unsure.

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FantasyCouture: !dM deviousMind “Gwynevere” ElvenArmor **GACHA**

“Battle Cry in Elven Tongues”


Elven Armor
by !dM deviousMind

This is our Gacha release for Fantasy Gacha Carnival in May 2016, when it’s all about chainmail and fantasy armor…

The gacha comes in 22 common silk color sets, 2 rare chainmail sets with menu for 3 chainmail color options, as well as 2 rare sets with plain metal armor (no skirt attached) plus armor drapes with 11 silk colors.

This costume is MESH BODY EXCLUSIVE for Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass as well as Maitreya Lara body (body not included). Each mesh body size is played for in its own machine. The rare armor drapes are universal and fit with each body.

You’ll find the items at “Fantasy Gacha Carnival” during May 2016 for 75L per play, and afterwards they will of course stay available at deviousMind mainstore. There is a total of 26 sets that can be collected. Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random set of the following:

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