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UPDATE 1.0 to 2.0
April 22, 2016

Mesh Body Support
and Omega Appliers!

This is a pretty exciting update for some of you – none of the core costume pieces have changed, but we’ve added fitted mesh sizes for Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies so no more shape changing for you Ladies to make it work. ;)

We also included Omega appliers of the top so you can wear it with your mesh bodies. Dont forget to activate the Omega system in your body/body parts for them to work!! Information and which mesh bodies and body mods are supported can be found on Omega website at http://lovenlustdesigns.blogspot.de/p/the-vision.html

And last but not least, we have extended the color pallete of the outfit by the following 8 further colors: **SAND**, **CITRINE**, **TANGERINE**, **FUCHSIA**, **TURQUOISE**, **AZURE**, **LAPIS** and **ONYX**. A **COLOR PACK** is as well available now.

And dont forget, we made one EXCLUSIVE color for Fantasy Faire 2016, **LILAC**. This will not be available for sale anymore after this event (or maybe come to any other RFL events, but we cant promise) so grab it while you can <3

All vendors in the sim and marketplace listings have been updated with these additional appliers as well.

And as usually: a new update checker, please delete the old one and replace it with the one included in this box. (Version number is written in the properties’ description field; right-click the item in inventory, select properties! Or when rezzed, you find it in the line underneath the object name)

All new pieces can be found in the update box, in case you want to just move them over to your old folder (and keep already resized items). For completeness, i also added the full new box to this update as well so you have a backup.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update!

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