FantasyTreats: !dM deviousMind “Seepferdchen” **GACHA**

“Streams and bubbles…”

Ridable Seahorse
by !dM deviousMind

This is our Gacha release for Enchantment in August 2015 “The Little Mermaid”. The gacha includes 22 different seahorses split in 3 common species “Treasure Hunter”, “Royal Guard” and “Tangled Mess”, as well as a rare species, “Jewel of the Sea”.

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random seahorse to swim with, there’s 18 commons and 4 rares. So we end up with a total of 22 seahorses that can be collected. You’ll find the items at Enchantment during August 2015 for 75L per play, and afterwards they will of course stay available at deviousMind mainstore.


#1 – !dM Seepferdchen “Jewel of the Sea” **SQUID INK** (BOX #1) RARE
#2 – !dM Seepferdchen “Jewel of the Sea” **SEASHELL** (BOX #2) RARE
#3 – !dM Seepferdchen “Jewel of the Sea” **OCEAN PEARL** (BOX #3) RARE
#4 – !dM Seepferdchen “Jewel of the Sea” **CORAL REEF** (BOX #4) RARE


#5 – !dM Seepferdchen “Tangled Mess” **JELLYFISH** (BOX #5)
#6 – !dM Seepferdchen “Tangled Mess” **SEAWEED** (BOX #6)
#7 – !dM Seepferdchen “Royal Guard” **CHEVRON TANG** (BOX #7)
#8 – !dM Seepferdchen “Treasure Hunter” **SEA ANEMONE** (BOX #8)
#9 – !dM Seepferdchen “Tangled Mess” **SEAFOAM** (BOX #9)
#10 – !dM Seepferdchen “Treasure Hunter” **AQUAMARINE** (BOX #10)
#11 – !dM Seepferdchen “Treasure Hunter” **RED OCEAN** (BOX #11)
#12 – !dM Seepferdchen “Royal Guard” **TORTOISE SHELL** (BOX #12)
#13 – !dM Seepferdchen “Tangled Mess” **NAUTILUS** (BOX #13)
#14 – !dM Seepferdchen “Tangled Mess” **TORLEY FISH** (BOX #14)
#15 – !dM Seepferdchen “Royal Guard” **VAYDA GREEN** (BOX #15)
#16 – !dM Seepferdchen “Treasure Hunter” **ANGEL FISH** (BOX #16)
#17 – !dM Seepferdchen “Royal Guard” **SEA URCHIN** (BOX #17)
#18 – !dM Seepferdchen “Treasure Hunter” **SAND** (BOX #18)
#19 – !dM Seepferdchen “Treasure Hunter” **EMERALD COVE** (BOX #19)
#20 – !dM Seepferdchen “Royal Guard” **MARINE PATROL** (BOX #20)
#21 – !dM Seepferdchen “Royal Guard” **KELP** (BOX #21)
#22 – !dM Seepferdchen “Tangled Mess” **DEEP OCEAN** (BOX #22)

Permissions are (transfer/no copy/no mod) with resize&stretch script.

All mesh items are material enabled to make full use of what SL has to offer these days, but look fantastic without materials of course as well (the gacha key is taken with normal windlight only).

The seahorses spawn bubble particles, gently move up and down and include a subtlely animated mermaid sit pose (side saddle with regular legs). For proper functioning of the animation turn your AO off, please.

To see the particles, be sure you have “render attached particles” enabled. Likewise, if you dont want the bubbles for picture taking, you can turn “render attached particles” off or set your particle counts to zero.

You can rezz them as decor as well, however, the LI ranges from 27 to 49 prims and increases if you enlarge the horse. You can use the resize menu to make them smaller and reduce prim counts this way.


To avoid constant menu pop-ups, you need to hold the right mouse button on the seahorse for more than 1 Sec. It will not open on short click. The horse is unrigged so you can position it for better fitting as well.


All textures and meshes for this set have been created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content in SL and immediately inform us!

Thank you very much in advance!


Prizes are random, no matter how often you play it. Please understand, that we cannot sell you a color directly or exchange it for you; it’s unfair to those who play it and won’t happen, so don’t ask. Doubles and tripples are part of the game, and there is plenty of gacha trading groups in SL where you may be able to trade your doubles for those pieces missing.

We are not taking any responsibility for 3rd party sales (such as via yard sales etc.), so please be sure to check the box and content for validity and if you have any trouble, contact the person you bought the double from.

The gacha will be available at our mainstore after the event, so you have plenty of time to get what you’re going after.


One large part of Gacha is the trading. The following groups will hopefully assist you in finding somebody to trade your doubles with against a color you’re still missing. You may need to try messaging more than one, but please be respectful and don’t spam ;)

–> secondlife:///app/group/46ef88ce-e6b3-c47f-81bb-182523812bcf/about

GACHA Addicts Trade & Chat
–> secondlife:///app/group/c2954ea6-7b6c-c739-448c-152505ec32b1/about

(and there may be others you can use!)

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