BurlesqueTreats: !dM deviousMind “Lasombra” VampireNecklace

“Ruling the Night…”


by !dM deviousMind

!dM “Lasombra” is deviousMinds contribution to Genre’s “The Underworld” round in July/August [ends around August 12th 2015]. The detailed pearl and gemstone necklace wraps like a choker at the front, and trails out in multiple strings of chains, gems and crosses over the back. It is scripted for multiple wearing styles, such as short, medium and long (full) necklace, gemstrings, cross strings, etc. The necklace is available in 7 different colors **ONYX**, **RUBY**, **SILVER**, **GOLD**, **SAPPHIRE**, **AMETHYST**, and **EMERALD**.

The necklace comes in 1 size fitted mesh, and one unrigged version. Each pack contains both gold and silver chain options for each gemstone color. The fitted mesh should, at least to the extend of our testing, fit most normal shapes staight out of the box. Minor adjustments can of course still be part of it, fitted mesh also takes your avatar’s body fat and body mucle into account so you can also play with torso muscle to influence the fitting. And if you cannot get it to work you can wear the unrigged version as well.

[The textures match our “VictorianGothic” accessories gacha so if you want more jewels of this style, feel invited to stop by our mainstore to hit the machine :)]

You should find the following things in your new couture box:
XYZ in the following represents the color of your purchase.

Fitted Mesh attachments:
(requires updated viewer)
(copy/no transfer/no mod)

• !dM LaSombra – VampireNecklace (fitted) **XYZ/SILVER**
• !dM LaSombra – VampireNecklace (fitted) **XYZ/GOLD**

The Necklace comes with an options menu allowing for different styles. Please see more info further down how to access the menu on fitted mesh!

Mesh attachments w/ resize & stretch script:
(copy/no transfer/no mod)

• !dM LaSombra – VampireNecklace (unrigged) **XYZ/SILVER**
• !dM LaSombra – VampireNecklace (unrigged) **XYZ/GOLD**

You can click this version for menu and delete the resize script out.




To access menus on rigged mesh items, right-click the mesh when wearing it and choose “touch” [or choose “more> touch” if you are using firestorm’s pie-menu]. Sometimes you need to edit a non-rigged item on your avatar first before you can edit rigged mesh.

Firestorm will as well allow you to use touch function directly from inventory, just right-click the attached item (same like you would choose “add” or “wear”) and chose “touch” in context menu.

[You could rezz the piece as well if all else fails.]


Please update your viewer to make sure you are able to use the fitted mesh version.

If the necklace does show glitches/spikes that shoot into infinity, your viewer does not support fitted mesh. Please wear the unrigged mesh version in this case and check if your viewer supports fitted mesh in an updated version, or use a viewer which does instead. If you’re unsure, test it with the demos before.


Textures and meshes for this set are own illustrations and designs created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind. I am NOT reselling my meshes/textures as templates so if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content in SL and immediately inform us!

Thank you very much in advance!

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