TAG! Gacha Mystery Rare by !dM deviousMind

“Mary’s Magical CarnivalRide”
by !dM deviousMind

It’s the half-way point of TAG! Gacha 2015 “SideShow”, which will only run until April 30th 2015. So here’s finally the revealed picture of our limited edition collectible, which hides behind the “mystery coupon”. **CIRCUS PRINCESS** will only be available during this event and not make the move to our mainstore.

How do you get her? It’s luck based as any gachas, but if you like to play the machine, you will find it at The Bonus Room which is unlocked once you tagged all the store boards on the TAG! Gacha HUD. If you missed the description of our collection, you’ll find it here.

Go to the starting point, get the HUD and walk into the sideshow tent. Be sure to give the HUD teleport permissions when the popup asks for it. When the HUD opens, click the “spin” button and teleport away. Click the event board at each location to tag it, hit “spin” again, and rinse repeate until you have unlocked the HUD one by one. (It sounds more painful than it is, it’s actually done pretty fast if you arent distracted by the shineys and jewels you discover on the way)

When everything is unlocked, your next stop is The Bonus Room, which you tag as well to open the passage to The Redemption Room where you can collect all your mystery coupon prizes.


Besides the Limited Edition item, all other carousel horses will, of course, stay available after TAG! Gacha is over and move to our mainstore. Here again an overview of the collection:


The following horses will move after TAG! Gacha ends to our mainstore:


#1 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **TOFFEE** (BOX #1)
#2 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **MAYFLOWER** (BOX #2)
#3 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **CHERRY** (BOX #3)
#4 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **BIANCA NEVE** (BOX #4)
#5 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **AQUA** (BOX #5)
#6 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **IRISH SPRING** (BOX #6)
#7 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **VALENTINE** (BOX #7)
#8 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **BLACK BEAUTY** (BOX #8)
#9 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **BLUEBERRY** (BOX #9)
#10 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **ABSINTHE** (BOX #10)
#11 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **CAPPUCCINO** (BOX #11)
#12 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **LEMON ICECREAM** (BOX #12)
#13 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **SHOWTIME** (BOX #13)
#14 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **CANDY** (BOX #14)
#15 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **VINTAGE CIRCUS** (BOX #15)
#16 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **SUGARCUBE** (BOX #16)
#17 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **WATERMELON** (BOX #17)
#18 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **MINT CHOCOLATE** (BOX #18)
#19 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **PEARL** (BOX #19)
#20 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Arabian **HAZELNUT** (BOX #20)
#21 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Apfelschimmel **LOLLIPOP** (BOX #21)


#22 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Unicorn **CELESTIAL** (BOX #22) RARE
#23 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Night Mare **DEMON** (BOX #23) RARE
#24 – !dM deviousMind “CarnivalRide” Zebra **STEAM CIRCUS** (BOX #24) RARE

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