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BurlesqueTreats: !dM “Sweet Surprise” GiftWrapping **GACHA**

“The cutest gift wrapping there is…”

“Sweet Surprise”
by !dM deviousMind

There’s always a reason to make gifts. So here’s the matching wrapping! “Sweet Surprise” is a little gacha ment for the fun of gifting or as complimentary additional colors to go with !dM “Noelle d’Étoile” if you just want more bow wraps. There’s no rares, either.

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random color, !dM “Sweet Surprise” comes in 18 common colors: **LIME**, **LEMON**, **APRICOT**, **LIPSTICK**, **MUTED RED**, **AUBERGINE**, **BERRY**, **CANDY**, **BLUSH**, **DEEP LILAC**, **PATRIARCH**, **LAPIS**, **PETROL**, **FOREST**, **OLIVE**, **JADE**, **BABYBLUE** and **PLATINUM**.

All colors come with fitted mesh sequins panties and two individual pasties to wear both together or only one on either side for the special gifting. ;) The little costume includes an unrigged bow decor to resize and position to your liking, as well as a fitted mesh rigged hip belt that is scripted for different wearing options with bow ribbons dangeling down the thighs or not. Please see further down how to access menu!

All mesh items are material enabled to make full use of what SL has to offer these days, but look fantastic without materials of course as well (the gacha key is taken with normal windlight only).

ATTENTION, please take note of 2 important things:

• This costume requires an updated SL viewer that supports fitted mesh! Please don’t message me that your mesh looks broken, that’s what happens when your viewer doesn’t support this mesh type yet.

• You can’t just click the mesh for the options menu. Please scroll down for detailed info how you will successfully open it :)

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