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BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Noelle d’Étoile”

“Plenty of reasons to give gifts…”

“Noelle d’Étoile”

by !dM deviousMind

For this winter season we are bringing you something special to celebrate deviousMind’s 5th anniversary (and anything else that needs celebrating, really): “Noelle d’Étoile”, a cute little burlesque number with lots of sequins, glimmer, showtimesexappeal and, of course, unpacking! Or at least that huge gift bow with ribbon decor would leave that impression to the watching eye… To make it truly festive for the holidays as well, we added bunches of different sized jingle bells as optional attachments for hips, hair, wrists and ankles, which you can just leave away for any other time of the year. The bodice can be worn with as many or with as little added attachments as you prefer, of course.

Each outfit comes with 3 texture versions (satin, glitter and bigSequins), as well as a 4th option that has the satin texture paired with glittery sequins material effects (you will need to enable materials in your viewer to see the difference). The bodice is one size fitted mesh, with a 2nd bodice option for Belleza Venus mesh body included. Please do try the demo to make sure the size fits and/or the Belleza version works for yourself with your individual AO and shape settings!

Along with the different bodice types comes two matching versions of high heels in satin and sequins textures, as well as a ribbon belt, rigged ribbon attachments for left and/or right leg and a huge unrigged giftwrapping bow for your rear which you can reposition and/or resize to your liking. The ribbons are included in one color matching version as well as one contrast/complimentary color for more variety. All ribbon attachments are separate so you can mix and match them with any other colors of this release, and all other ribbon color releases to come. [Yes, one can never have enough colors, so there will be more for the accessories further down the line :D]

Last but not least, the outfit contains low cut fishnet stockings with appliers for Slink feet as well as Belleza Venus mesh body. Due to the differences in mesh UVs and resolutions, the appliers are not perfect, but we chose to add them regardless cause they may be useful for you. :)

The dress is materials enabled and availabe 10 different colors **PEARL & IVORY**, **RUBY**, **ROSE**, **PINK**, **ICE**, **EMERALD**, **MIDNIGHT**, **ONYX**, **SILVER**, and **GOLD**, and of course as a **COLOR PACK** with everything included in case you just can’t decide.

Please take note, this costume requires a fitted mesh compatible viewer, which means your viewer must be up-to-date. The rigged bodice comes in 1 size fitted mesh and, at least to the extend of our testing, should fit most normal shapes staight out of the box. Minor adjustments can of course still be part of it.


A few viewers support Fitted Mesh by now, if you aren’t sure if yours does test the demo or ask your viewer support group. This mesh type looks broken on old viewers since those don’t “know” the new bone groups yet. If the dress appears with infinite spikes on your screen, your viewer does not support this mesh type and you need to update.

The outfit includes an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece as well in future, please be sure to know where you have it as we may ad additional sizes further down the line if neccessity demands it.

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