(*chanimations Tarot: XIX “The Sun”

“Door of Perception”

Tarot XIX
“The Sun”

by (*chanimations

(*chanimations Tarot opens the perception to what is about to come… or would, if it could. ;) This won’t be a reliable “ever to be finished project”, but we figure if we don’t start then it most definitely wont – so here’s the first pose and props set of The Greater Arcana, Number XIX, “The Sun”, which well first release for Fallen God INC’s 7th anniversary (of course it’ll be at our mainstore and marketplace afterwards). Thanks for inviting (*chanimations to be part, Alia, and all the best for another 7  years!

(*chanimations -The Sun- contains photography props and poses with the following properties:

(no mod/no transfer):

• (*sun_stand,
• (*sun_stand_mirror,
• (*sun_sit_careless,
• (*sun_sit_careless_mirror,
• (*sun_relax

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. To match the nature of the series, all poses are designed to look best with high heels, of course :D

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations Tarot – XIX “The Sun” (highDetail) – 90 PRIMS
• (*chanimations Tarot – XIX “The Sun” – 60 PRIMS
• (*chanimations Tarot – XIX “The Sun” (LP) – 42 PRIMS

(trans/no copy/no mod)

• (*chanimations – sunFlower (left hand)

Rezz Optional:
(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations Tarot – XIX TheSun multiPosestand – 4 PRIMS
• (*chanimations Tarot – XIX TheSun multiPoseball – 1 PRIM


This set is a mix of traditional prims, sculpties and meshes and includes a high detail, medium and low prim version (of course you can mix & match pieces to meet your needs). Other than varying details, the card base has differences as well:
• highDetail: Number XIX on top, and “The Sun” on a wooden bord at the bottom
• mid: Number XIX on top, and “The Sun” without background board at the bottom
• lowPrim: plain version for own writing in graphics program (no number on top, no text on bottom)

The Diorama comes in an unlinked group of in 3 parts, horse w/ ribbon, sunflowers, and card diorama, to allow rotating the horse (some poses require this for the perfect shot) however you like or leave the sunflowers away if you so choose.

It shows as one combined object in your inventory. Just make sure you have all components selected in edit mode when you intent to move them together in a group! You do this by keeping [Shift] key pressed, then right-click choose ‘edit’ on the first part, and (with still pressed shift key) right-click choose ‘edit’ on the next, etc. When all are highlighted with the blue/yellow lines, you can let go of [shift] and everything moves as a group now. – in worst case, re-rezz from inventory to go back to the original alignment. You can as well turn build on before rezzing and it will automatically keep all parts selected when you drop it on the ground.


POSE menu is placed in the root prim of this set. Any part that you click will trigger it! Remember the /1a chat command to adjust your avatars position, more about this further down.



Of course there’s no pose-balls – you sit directly on the prop!

The pose engine provides you with an adjustment menu to finetune your position – either use included gesture with hot-key [F10] (the gesture is mod, so you can change the key) or speak /1a in open channel for the adjustment menu to open (both will only work when sitting on the prop).

‘Postion’ moves your avartar forward, backwards, left or right (X and Y axis) or up and down (Z axis), if needed ‘Rotation’ menu gives you more options for your adjustment.

The script remembers the avartar custom settings of its 100 most frequent users who adjusted their positions as long as the prop stays rezzed.


You’ve never worked with gestures? It’s easy, go into inventory and right click it, then select ‘activate’ in the context menu. Once activated, just press F10 key and the adjustment menu will open up if you sit on any of our (*chanimations props using this feature! Typing /adjustPose in chat will have the same effect, SL chat bar will auto-complete the command after the first few characters typed if it recognizes it being an active gesture. The gesture is mod, so you can change hot-key or command to whatever is easier for you, just double-click on the gesture in inventoy to open it.


To make it easier on photographers who work with models (or if you don’t want to adjust poses through a menu), a multiPosestand (4 PRIMS) is included. This way you can send your models afk and freely move them yourself instead of ‘instructing them’ where to place their avartar. Or you can use the included multiPoseball (1 PRIM).

While the posestand navigates through poses with arrow buttons, the multiPoseball needs to be triggerd by the one sitting on it and toggles the poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.

Both respond to /1show and /1hide to turn them invisible.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


The pose props include an update script which will check for free upgrades to any of the content of this set. We’ve included this so you will be up-to-date on all changes that might occur of any of the items and scripts in this (*chanimations release.

When rezzing, it will take a short while before the update client connects to our server and you will receive your free upgrade should any be available. In case when it doesn’t automatically connect, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat when standing next to the object.

We keep you informed about item updates through our mainstore by signs at the vendor. Updates are as well listed on our blog: http://chanimations.deviousmind.net/about/updated/


We’ve learned of times where the update script in the checker got corrupted with rezzing or unpacking and would not communicate to server proper. If you know an Update exists and your update item doesn’t connect at all to the server, please unpack a 2nd copy of the updater from your original box and try again with the fresh one. Usually you receive an update within a minute if it is available. It may take up to 5 though if you or the sim you are in is laggy, so please try a bit patience at least one time.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


If you have problems with sculpties seeming rough edged, please increase your LOD settings to 4.000 – you can do this either through advanced menu or the graphic settings. (This varies depending on which viewer you are using, please find out where to do it with your viewer’s support group.


Most textures for this set are custom made (except sunflowers and wall pattern) by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content and immediately inform us! Thank you in advance!

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