FantasyCouture: !dM “Agneya Devi” Fire Avatar

“Born of Fire”

“Agneya Devi”
by !dM deviousMind

This avatar had its origins over a year back for a Hindu/tibetian inspired performance I had done, with the fire creatures which would turn into Agneya as the demons surrounding goddess Kali. I had ment to release the avatar already back then, but it just didn’t seem to be quite finished nor fit in our standard releases so the usual thing happened: It kept sitting there unreleased, until now. With Mystic Realms Faire 2014 (October 10-26th, 2014) and Halloween just right around the corner it finally was pulled out again!

A short introduction to who Agneya is can be found (as everything) on Wikipedia – here a basic summary:

“Agneya” means “Daughter of the Fire God” or “Child of the Fire God Agni” and is derived from ancient Hindu scriptures and Sanskrit texts. The word Agneya in Sanskrit means “Born from Fire” or “Consecrated from Fire”, and the name traces its origins to ancient Vedic literature where Agneya is defined as a divine and powerful Goddess. In some Hindu texts, Agneya is considered the most powerful form of “holy energy” ever to have been created. The “Agneya Astra” is believed to have been the most powerful one of ancient nuclear energies which was often invoked by the most elite of Gods to ensure the victory of good forces. The texts associate it as a near infinite energy source with the power, brilliance, heat, and light exceeding those of a billion trillion Suns.


• This costume requires an updated SL viewer that supports fitted mesh! Please don’t message me that your mesh looks broken, that’s what happens when your viewer doesn’t support this mesh type yet.

PLEASE TRY THE FREE DEMO BEFORE PURCHASE if you are uncertain if your viewer supports fitted mesh and to check if boots & hip wrap will fit.


The rigged pieces come in 1 size fitted mesh, and at least to the extend of our testing should fit most normal shapes staight out of the box. Minor adjustments can of course still be part of it.

The outfit includes an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece as well in future.

You should find the following things in your new couture box:
Permissions are copy/no modify/no transfer unless otherwise stated.

Alpha Layers:
(copy/mod/no transfer)

• !dM Agneya – collarAlpha
• !dM Agneya – overkneeBoots alpha


• !dM Agneya – FireDemon (full body lava)
• !dM Agneya – FireDemon w/fireEyes (full body lava)

Appliers for Lolas Tango and Slink Hand/Feet are included.

Tattoo Layers:

• !dM Agneya – FireDemon (use with your regular skins)
• !dM Agneya – fireEyes makeUp **SMOOTH**
• !dM Agneya – fireEyes makeUp **NOISE**

Fitted Mesh attachments:
(requires updated viewer)

• !dM Agneya – lavaBoots **scripted** (left & right)
• !dM Agneya – lavaBoots **scripted** (left & right)
• !dM Agneya – bottomWrap (left hip)
• !dM Agneya – FireDemon postureCollar (neck)

Unrigged Mesh attachments
w/ resize&stretch option:

• !dM Agneya – flamingHorns (chin)
• !dM Agneya – flamingHorns **scripted** (chin)

Flexi & Sculpted attachments
w/ resize&stretch option:

• !dM Agneya – fireDemon hair **TIBETIAN FIRE**
• !dM Agneya – fireDemon hair **FLAME TONGUES**
• !dM Agneya – LavaOrnaments (chest)
• !dM Agneya – flameCollar (spine)
• !dM Agneya – LavaOrnaments (pelvis)
• !dM Agneya – fireTails (stomach)

Other attachments:

• !dM Agneya – fireEyes (left & right)
• !dM Agneya – FireDemon ribbonParticles (left & right)

Checking for Updates:

• !dM deviousMind “Agneya” ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE

Please inform us if anything is missing, just make sure SL did really unpack it all! (sometimes not all items are copied to your inventory, so please double-check by unpacking the box again in a low-lag zone before getting in touch with us)

Enjoy your new costume!



If you can’t see mesh in general, it’s time to update your SL viewer. (You knew that much already!). If the mesh pieces look all crazy spiked glitchy too you, then you are not on a Fitted Mesh compatible viewer and need to update to latest version. (Official SL viewer and Firestorm support fitted mesh along with a few others by now)

Please be aware that fitted mesh is not a perfect “One for All!” solution and it cannot handle extremes very well. There will still be moments where you need to adjust your shape for an exact fit.


All textures and meshes for this set have been created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content in SL and immediately inform us!

Thank you very much in advance!


The pack includes an object named !dM deviousMind “Morrighan” *[colorname]* – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz) which will check for free upgrades to any of the content of this set. We’ve included this so you will be up-to-date on all changes that might occur of any of the items and scripts in this set.

Rezz the object and type “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat. You will receive your free upgrade should any be available.

If nothing happens, then there is likely none yet, or the sim you are in doesn’t allow scripts to run.

Check our blog for all info on updates:

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