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The Secret Affair: !dM “Lady Margaery” RegalGown

“Befitting a Future Queen..”

“Lady Margaery”

by !dM deviousMind

“Lady Margaery” enters the grid along with the first round of The Secret Affair in April 2014. The opening event is all dedicated to the season start of Game of Thrones, so expect to find dragond, furs and rough metals, medieval gowns and embroidery during those few weeks. One of them being our regal gown “Lady Margaery”. The outfit combines the appeal of classic roman or greek fashion styles with the typical medieval flair of the series, and gets it’s own twist with a bit deeper v-collar, and a chest ornament rose holding a 3-row chained belt wrapping around the hips.

The dress is materials enabled and availabe in *gasp* 20 different colors and of course one large **COLOR PACK** combining them all in one discounted purchase!

Available single color packs are **PEARL**, **CAFE LATTE**, **CANARY**, **TANGERINE**, **SCARLET RED**, **BORDEAUX**, **AUBERGINE**, **BLACKBERRY**, **PINK**, **PURPLE**, **LAPIS**, **TEAL**, **TURQUOISE**, **JADE**, **KIWI**, **EMERALD**, **OLIVE**, **CHOCOLATE**, **DARK CHOCOLATE** and **ONYX**.

The silk drape as well as silk rose of all sets is color scripted to choose between 25 shades to go in tone or set a contrast accent; the chains can be set to gold or silver, and have a show/hide option. Beyond, the silk drape can be set to full opaque or to 3 different transparency levels. To support the richness of its textures, the dress is full materials enabled for a iridiscent rich silken feel – but will of course look fantastic without materials as well as seen in the vendor images!

The rigged gown comes in 3 sizes (S, M and L) leaned on the standard sizing system as well as one fitted mesh version. The sleeves are separate attachments so can be left away as well.
Please take note, this costume requires a mesh compatible viewer, to make full use of the included fitted mesh version the viewer must be updated on top of that. At current point only the latest Firestorm and official SL Viewer support Fitted Mesh. This mesh type looks broken on old viewers since those don’t “know” the new bone groups yet.

Also included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – please find all details of content after the content listing.

You should find the following things in your new couture box:
** represents the color of your purchase.

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