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BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Her Majesty” RoyalBitch Couture

“All Hail the Queen!”

“Her Majesty”

The RoyalBitch Couture
by !dM deviousMind

‘T is the time of red coats with white furs… so we go all royal upon thee this winter season! All hail Her Majesty – deviousMind style.

The rigged mesh coat is made of a rich velvet style texture with hermin fur trims, and comes in one size (we found it fit all the shapes tested with, so unless your shape is extraordinary, it should fit just fine) as well as with update v1.5 one fitted mesh version. Please take note, at the point of this update (April 2014), fitted mesh works with the updated SL viewer as well as Firestorm release. Also the fitted mesh still requires using an alpha layer (due to the hourglass shape the coat creates), so be sure to test the free Demo.

To make the full royal appearance, a golden mesh crown is included, along with rich iridiscent garter stockings for the true royal bitch feel. And thigh high boots to be worshipped… ;) With hermin fur trims, and golden zipper, of course! And last but not least, a ring collar befitting of any devious Queen.

Please take note, this costume requires a mesh compatible viewer as the style cannot be created with regular texture layers. Coat, crown and boots are materials enabled, but of course they will look fantastic as well without the materials feature (Vendor images are taken with regular windlight setting without materials). Hair/Skin is of course not included.

Also included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – this is an important part so make sure you know where it is :) Please find further details after the content listing.


You should find the following things in your new couture box – Permissions are (copy/no mod/no transfer) unless otherwise stated.

** in the following represents the color you purchased.

Clothing layers:

Alpha layers (copy/mod/no transfer)
• !dM Her Majesty – coatAlpha (long)
• !dM Her Majesty – overkneeBoots alpha/A
• !dM Her Majesty – overkneeBoots alpha/B

Shoe base (copy/mod/no transfer)
• !dM Her Majesty – overkneeBoots base

Tatoo layer:
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s GarterStockings **
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s GarterStockings **PEARL**

Sock Layers:
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Stockings (part 1) **
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Stockings (part 1) **PEARL**

Jacket Layers:
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Garter (part 2) **
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Garter (part 2) **PEARL**

Rigged Mesh Coat:

• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Coat **
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Coat **/GOLD
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Coat (fitted) **
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Coat (fitted) **/GOLD

Rigged Mesh Boots:

The following come in sizes XS, S, M and L.

• !dM Her Majesty – zipped velvetBoots/.. ** (left)
• !dM Her Majesty – zipped velvetBoots/.. ** (right)

Mesh attachments with resize & stretch option:

• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Collar ** (chest)
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s Crown ** (chin)

• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s FurCuffs (left)
• !dM Her Majesty – The Queen’s FurCuffs (right)

Checking for Updates:


• !dM deviousMind “Her Majesty” ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

Please inform us if anything is missing, just make sure SL did unpack it all! Sometimes not all items are copied to your inventory, so please double-check by unpacking the box again in a low-lag zone before getting in touch with us.

Enjoy your new costume!

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deviousMind says “Merry Christmas!”

Have a very happy Christmas!

We’ve been running late this year, but of course we wouldn’t forget our amazing customers and update group – please stop by !dM deviousMind or (*chanimations mainstore and pick up a little gift for this year :)

Thank you so much again or your support of (*chanimations and !dM deviousMind during the past year. It’s been an amazing and creative year that would be only half as creative if it wasn’t for you. We truely appreciate all the feedbacks received, your amazing submissions to our flickr pool and you to be part of deviousMind. We’re looking forward a fantastic 2014 with all of you!

Have a very happy winter season and safe travels through the snow!


Happy Holidays,
Chandra and Lucca


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