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!dM deviousMind @ Enchantment November 2013

“Enchantment is an event that centers around fairy tales, where each new round a fairy tale is chosen and new and exclusive items are created by participating designers. It will cycle every 3 months with the first installment beginning November 1st. The first fairy tale to be featured is Grimm’s Snow White.

We welcome you to the home of the 7 dwarves, poisoned apples and a true love’s kiss awaits!”


“Who is the fairest of all…”

“Lil’ Miss Snow”
Exclusive for Enchantment

Fantasy & FairytaleCouture
by !dM deviousMind

Needless to say, I was super excited when i got the invite a few months back! And of course didn’t stop until I had come up with an own interpretation that we could happily put the deviousMind stamp on ;)

So here she is, Lil’ Miss Snow, slutted up decadently in rich iridiscent satin and silk to mix the flair of a russian czar with the glamor of a vintage porcelain doll and the plain A-lines of a 60s minidress, and finally tied it all together with a hooked corset and rope belt. We hope you like her and the matching accessories we’ve created. :)

Other than the outfit, there’s the evil queens poisoned comb which she tried to get rid of the beautiful child in the 2nd attemp [1st one was corset laces, but those are in the outfit already anyways ;)] – and since she’s smart and never knows, we added some hairsticks as well for updo styles to be prepared for all occasions. ;) And not to forget the locked hearts mesh collar – this is a jewelry item only with no scripted functioniallity or RLV support. Each can be purchased individually or in one big be-greedy pack!

The event runs November 1st to 30th 2013 – please keep in mind this special color is only available at our little space during Enchantment and then gone for good:

There will be store releases in December, just not with this texture set – so grab it now if you love it.

Enjoy and happy Fairy-Taleing :D

<3 chandra

Enchantment Update Group:

An overview of what’s there can be found at the official flickr group:

..or Seraphim even:

And if you’d like to catch up on the Grimm’s story itself, take a look at

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