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“Bejeweled Mystery…”

by !dM deviousMind

“Lamia” continues our endeavors of bringing mythical creatures to life and is deviousMind’s contribution to 2013’s Halloween round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival running October 1st to 31st.

With our first gacha during this carnival, we took a closer look at the majestic sea snakes most commonly known as nagas or lamiae. With this second accessories gacha to complement it, we’ll ensure your version of it will be as bejeweled as can be and prepared for any occasion!

Each round of gameplay rewards you with a random accessory item for !dM “Lamia” – there is color changing jewelry such as collar, tiara headband and jewel belt; there are reptilian eyes in 3 different colors, snake tongues with or without fangs; 8 tridents (2 of these are rare) to use as contrast color or collect the matching tails for, and last but not least, the rare NagaQueen crown and queen fins in each of the 3 tail patterns **VIPER**, **BANDED**, and **GARTER**. So in total there are 20 items; 15 common and 5 rare.

In the following a short overview of which accessory comes with what features, and for those interested a little bit of naga details at the end of the notecard! :)


This notecard goes into all accessory boxes, so if you read it once, you can happily ignore it after :D
Of course all the following are separate items to win and do not come all in one!

NagaQueen Crown & QueenFins

The set can be won 3 times – either in **VIPER**, **BANDED**, or **GARTER** pattern. These sets are color change through menu and contain all colors for all naga tails of our 2nd gacha machine this carnival. This way you can match it to any tail you may own and stand out of the common naga crowd! ;)

The Crown comes with resize and stretch menu, the QueenFins are rigged mesh and will fit perfectly to the naga tail. To access the color menu on the fins, you can either right-click the mesh and choose “touch” in your viewer context menu, or, if you’re using Firestorm viewer, right-click “touch” directly from your inventory when wearing the fins (we added a picture w/ screenshot in the box).

If you can’t see the mesh, it’s time to update your SL viewer.

COMMONS and RARES: NagaTridents

This collection of beautiful merfolk inspired tridents comes in 8 colors corresponding to the naga tails. So 6 are commons, 2 are rare. Each is made with a mixture of sculpted and flexi prims, and contains a different little detail added to it for an intricate and unique look.

Each comes with a separate attachment that you may use if you want to put your avatar in a trident hold partial pose. This partial pose (priority 4) will only position your right arm and override your AO for the hold. – It is added as separate attachment so you are free to use the trident however you choose, be it with other photography poses, or attach it to the other hand, wear it as back attachment, etc.

These are the color options to win:

**WHITE SERPENT** (RARE) – matching pearl naga tail, this trident comes with a white snake wrapping around it’s fork.
**BLACK SCORPION** (RARE) – corresponding to onyx, it has black scorpions crawling over white skulls and black diamonds.
**FROG’S HAVEN** – matching epidote, this trident is home to a group of frogs climbing its fork in olive green and copper orange hues.
**TENTACLE SEAWEED** – going great with peridot tail, this trident is haunted by green grabbing tentacles!
**LIVING SHELLS** – the amethyst trident offers a home to little shell living creatures…
**OCEAN NAVIGATOR** – matching lapis tail, this trident guides your way through the 7 seas with treasure map, compass, and a few precious stones.
**CARNELIAN STARFISH** – trident with starfish to go as color match with carnelian tail.
**LEMON FISH** – match citrine tail with a school of bright yellow fish!


COMMONS: JewelBelt, JewelCollar and JewelTiara

These three pieces come with color change menu to go with all naga tails and add a little extra fancy to your snake. Of course any other jewelry would do too, but why not add scales and shell and rough edged underwater treasure if you can ;)

All 3 items are unrigged and come with resize&stretch menu to encompass the traditionally very bejeweled appearance of nagas in Hindu/Buddhist mythology. As nice side effect of the belt, it helps hide possible gaps and shape issues that usually come when mesh meets avatar.

Please always adjust the placement of prims on your avatar first before resizing, as the attachment position highly depends on the height of your shape, length of arms/legs, etc., so items attach for everybody slightly different (higher or lower, sometimes a little rotating forward/backwards will get the job done too!). In most cases there isn’t even resizing required. :)

COMMONS: Starfish Pasties

The pasties are build to fit both regular SL avatar as well as Lolas Tango mesh breasts – simply click them and you will be offered the menu to switch style, reposition and you’re good to go :) Use resize menu to finetune where needed, it should be fairly straight forward and self explainatory once you’re in the menu!

It defaults to Lolas at first, simply cause it’s easier to reposition when they float above the body rather than being stuck into mesh tits :D

COMMONS: ReptilianEyes

These beautiful eyes can be won in 3 colors: **FIRE**, **GOLD** and **SILVER**. Each comes as avatar body layer with a matching prim attachment for subtle sparkles created through animated texture.

Enjoy :)

COMMONS: SnakeTongues

Another body part addition are Lamia’s snake tongue – either with or without fangs.

According to Hindu mythology, the elixir of immortality got spilled on the ground, and the snakes licked it up… by doing so, they cut there tongues on the grass and since then have them forked.




Lamia supports the new materials and looks both stunning with regular textures as well as SL’s new materials enabled! Materials are applied to all the Naga enhancements like pasties, jewelry, fins, headdress – not the tridents, tongues or eyes.

All meshes and most textures (see exceptions below) are original designs and have been created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind. If you find any of our creations used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content in SL and immediately inform us! Thank you very much in advance!

Exceptions apply to the tridents, these are a mix of our own textures with many different sculpties purchased for content creation, so some textures came with the sculpt pack, some are modified sculptpack textures, and of course they’re mingled in with our own textures to finish it up.

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