!dM deviousMind @ Halloween Fantasy Gacha Carnival

“Magestic Mystery from deepdown Below..”

!dM deviousMind
at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
October 1st-31st 2013

We’re yet again taking part in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival with another mythical creature – this time, we took a closer look at the majestic Naga Snake with our “Lamia” gacha of 8 different tail colors and a 2nd machine for all sorts of Naga accessories if the basics are not enough for you :) [Large pictures will folow in a post with the whole content information]

After this month, the gacha will of course move to our mainstore at deviousMind sim.

A little bit of History:

In greek mythology, Lamia is a mistress of the god Zeus, causing Zeus’ jealous wife Hera to transform her into a monster with a serpent’s tail below the waist. Later traditions referred to many lamiae; these were folkloric monsters similar to vampires and succubi that seduced young men and then fed on their blood.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, nagas are a race of semidivine serpent creatures. Usually depicted as human above the waist and snake below, Nagas can change shape to appear fully human or snake. According to legend, Nagas lived on earth at first, but their numbers became so great that the god Brahma sent them to live under the sea. They reside in magnificent jeweled palaces and rule as kings at the bottom of rivers and lakes and in the underground realm. They are known for their strength, supernatural wisdom, and charisma, being immortal and potentially dangerous. Some are demons; others seem friendly and are worshiped as gods.

In some areas, Nagas are seen as nature spirits living in snake form, who tend to be very curious and may take human form. They are considered the protectors of springs, wells and rivers, and guardians of treasure (both material and spiritual). According to traditions n?gas are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. They are susceptible to mankind’s disrespectful actions in relation to the environment. They bring rain, and thus fertility, and stories involving them are part of contemporary cultural traditions. They are also thought to bring disasters such as floods and drought.

<3 chandra



PS: I’d suggest you to head over there at an off time during the first few days to reduce the risk of losses due to lag. It’s usually pretty crowded at start, especially at the evenings and those times that EU and US overlap!

Have fun and good luck!!

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