Taste the Rainbow Hunt: 1st round of Pictures

“FairyDust and AcidDrops…”


“Taste the Rainbow” Summer Hunt has started!

And along with that, here’s some pretty pictures for the goodies to be had to make you drool for colors!

The hunt leads you by notecard to 15 designers that you don’t want to miss ’cause damn, those girls have given their best to step up the pace of color-swatching ;) Thank you so much to all who instantly jumped on board to make this idea come true!

In the starting picture above is Faster Pussycat‘s crazy acid trip hip mesh pants and bangles, paired with one of the many Rainbow top options from The Plastik (all come in two patterns!)

The eye shadow and lipstick to the right is from Blacklace Beauty and called “Rainbow Kisses Make-up”, lip piercing from .:ellabella:. with the beautiful name “Ballad of Stars”. The fantastic rainbow planters in the background are from ChiC Buildings and as well a goodie that can be hunted for :)

(Please click pictures for large view!)



When you start seeing fairies and unicorns, you know you had to much nibbles of those planters!! ;)

You probably long recognized these wings, but if not, here’s the secret: “Titania Wings” from Deviance in special rainbow color edition! They come static as well as in different animation speeds, with subtlely sparkeling fairy dust attachment option. Very pretty! I am not quite happy with the windlight setting I picked for this shot, as it alters the colors of everything a bit too much in my opinion – so will definitely show you some more of these wings in batch 2 of the pictures coming soon!


Above comes some of our very own hunt gift – shown are parts of deviousMind‘s special rainbow edition of !dM “Sweet Rose Valentina”  (corset with optional Lolas Appliers, rose choker, fishnet stockings and ruffled knickers) paired with the most beautiful “Rainbow Sugar” horn and “Sugar Candy” tail from .aisling. – for the record: This hunt gift made me laugh tears when I first saw it!!! Any of you who found the Faster Pussycat gift along with the poster inside will know why! (I had just seen that poster 10 min before the horns and neither of the two creators knew of the other :D)

Here some more cause I had super fun shooting this scenery! Eyeshadow again from Blacklace Beauty (the lipstick worn here is glossy lips from Pink Fuel!) and piercings from .:ellabella:. 


So if this wasn’t enough yet to make you want to chase the rainbow cocktail cross the grid, here’s the closing argument:  The amazingly pretty “Primal Tiger” in rainbow from Blacklace!


You know what they say… Sex sells :D

We all wish you a wonderful summer and hope to see you stop by to grab your goodies :) Hunt runs till September 3rd so hopefully this will leave you enough time to fit it in between your vacation plans ;)

Keep eyes our for part two of my little hunt-gift presentation and please do join our flickr group if you’re on there to share with us what you did with the gift! The photo pool will be extended to anything rainbow related once this hunt is over and I’m sure you have many of these pictures to share :D

Here’s the post with all SLurls for “Taste the Rainbow!” Summer Hunt and any other updates that come about.

I’ll post the rest of the pictures soon, sadly a day has only so many hours and I’m not that routined in changing outfits so often so fast ;D

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