UPDATED: (*chanimations Sourceress “Summon and Spell”

(*chanimations at “We <3 Role-Play!”

We’re excited to have a guest spot at “We <3 Role-Play!” this round – and as this was a very shot notice decision, came up with a great UPDATE to our very first set of the Sourceress series, “Summons and Spell”. So if you own the set already, rezz the spell prop and your update will arrive shortly. If you encounter any trouble, please let me know by notecard!

For all who do not own it yet, great news:

Starting August 4th, it will be 50% discounted for all of August 2013, but only at the event location. So don’t miss out!

There will be 2 more or our Sourceress series at a discounted price and possibly updated (if it fits my day schedule tomorrow, so please don’t nail me down on it yet :D). Stay curious, still roling the dice which one they shall be ;D



As for the Update, here all info what has changed:

(*chanimations RELEASE NOTES

UPDATE 2.0 to 2.5
August 2, 2013

-Sourceress Summon&Spells-
Added a lot new fancy!

It’s been a while since we first released our Sourceress series – and since then a lot has happened SL development wise and own scripting knowledge wise. We’re taking part at August’s round of We?Role-Play event, so it was a great reason to give our precious #1 of this series a new face!

So here again a new version of “Summon and Spell” with updated scripts and updated functionality. First overhaul: The spell now uses animated prims to make caming easier between the spheres (this will be of massive value if you shoot images with DoF!).

We also added more colors to this version. You can pick now between the long-known default blue and 4 new colors pink, red, golden and mint. Of course all with matching new particle effects for your model!

Last, we added the ability to turn glow off on all beams, choose between 3 levels of glow intensity, and set full bright on/off.

And then very last, added 3 more new poses :)


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