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BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Maenad” NymphDress

“Ivy leaves nothing to the imagination…”

by !dM deviousMind

In Greek mythology, maenads (Greek: mainádes) were the female followers of Dionysus (Bacchus in the Roman pantheon), and the most significant members of the god’s retinue. Their name literally translates as “raving ones”. Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and intoxication.

So “Maenad” invites you into the forest, for a dance. With wine and laughter, amongst Dyonisus and his companions.

The outfit includes two shades in each color set, plus a matching contrast color for underdress layer.

Available colors are **ONYX/MIDNIGHT** with silver contrast, **GOLD/CANARY** with optional tangerine color splash, **RED/AUBERGINE** with a dip of pink, **PINK/PURPLE** with added red for passion deluxe, **TEAL/BLUE** with kiwi contrast option, **WHITE/PEARL** with elegant gold, and **OLIVE/CHOCOLATE** with a bit of kiwi again. And there’s always our **COLOR PACK** including all color pieces if you’d like to go for the ultimate mix-and-matching fun.

Maenad’s mini dress is made of rigged mesh and comes in 7 sizes (XXS-XL plus a deformer mesh) based on the standard sizing system and includes, along with the separate attachment options for train and silk highlights, a matching bra applier for Lolas Tango (and any other mesh breasts that are compatible with Tango appliers, such as Lush.) Each set includes two colors for the mesh dress in your color choice plus a deep red.

The glamorous dress can be worn alone or with added silkTrain and black ivy, each floating in very nymph-esque ways. All attachments are decorated with elegant ivy vines and topped off with ivy wrist- and arm bands and a bit of ivy for your hair.

Please take note, this outfit requires a mesh compatible viewer.

Also included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – this is an important part so make sure you know where it is :)

Now have fun unpacking this one and please be sure to test the free demos to ensure you can fit the dress mesh to your avatar.


** in the following represents the color-set you purchased. Permissions are (copy/mo mod/no trans) unless otherwise listed. Please keep the original box up as a backup!

Rigged Mini Dress
in 7 sizes XXS-XL:

• !dM Maenad – miniDress/.. **

(dress comes in the 2 colors of your set)

An additional version in this pack is for the deformer project, so it will not be useful to everybody as it requires a special viewer. Hopefully this project will go live to regular SL viewer eventually.

Mesh attachments w/ resize&stretch option:

• !dM Maenad – ivyBracelet (upper right)
• !dM Maenad – ivyBracelet (upper left)
• !dM Maenad – ivyBracelet (right)
• !dM Maenad – ivyBracelet (left)

• !dM Maenad – ivyVines hairPiece (chin)
• !dM Maenad – ivyCover (add) (pelvis)

Prim attachments w/ resize&stretch option:

• !dM Maenad – nymphDress silkTrain ** (pelvis)
• !dM Maenad – nymphDress silkTrain **M** (pelvis)
• !dM Maenad – nymphDress silkBustle ** (pelvis)
• !dM Maenad – nymphDress silkPieces (add) **GOLD** (stomach)

• !dM Maenad – nymphDress (add) **IVY** (stomach)
• !dM Maenad – nymphDress ivyVines **IVY** (pelvis)

• !dM Maenad – ivyVine (left)
• !dM Maenad – ivyVine (right)
• !dM Maenad – ivyVine **M** (left)
• !dM Maenad – ivyVine **M** (right)

**M** versions are materials enabled ivy pieces. Don’t try to rezz them, they have a very high LI (prim) cost! Avatar Rendering Cost stays same as with other version.

Lolas Tango Appliers:
(no copy/mo mod/no trans)

• !dM Maenad ::Lolas Tango BRA applier:: dress **
• !dM Maenad ::Lolas Tango TOP applier:: dress **

Due to the mix of mesh dress and Lolas only bra layer works proper, the top layer is added in case you would need it for other tango-compatible mesh breasts that have a different layering system. (I don’t have them all so wouldn’t know :D)

Checking for Updates:

• !dM “Maenad” ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

Please inform us if anything is missing, just make sure SL did unpack it all! (sometimes not all items are copied to your inventory, so please double-check by unpacking the box again in a low-lag zone before getting in touch with us)

Enjoy your new costume!

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!dM deviousMind @ The 24

The 24 has officially opened!

We’re very excited to be invited to this fantastic event and – admittedly some keyboard throwing involved during creation process later – are even more excited to introduce “Yve”, our Exclusive for The 24. Yve brings 2013 fall fashion trends to the grid and pairs vibrant metallics with elegant black ivy vines to make this line the perfect match from anything classy to fantasy to sexy.

The outfit will be available only in 100 copies to be sold during August 23rd – 31st 2013. So be sure to grab it while you can. This stile will not be released after The 24 is over. That being said, I threw you some extra candy into the pot… and gave it the full 14 colors of our fall collection so you’re equipped for all possible occasions with just one purchase. ;)

So here’s some pictures of our Exclusive release only available during this event at this event, “Yve”, our new FairyQueen Gown “Titania” and our exotic species of “Kaa” CoutureSnake GACHA [“Titania” and “Kaa” will come to our mainstore after this week, too]

Stop by our little booth and grab the Exclusive while you can, it will NOT come to our homesim afterwards!


Taste the Rainbow Hunt: The other half of Pictures!

I promised you more pictures – and here they come!

Taste some more Color!

And here is finally part 2 of the pictures I promised from “Taste the Rainbow!” Summer Hunt. It’s been taking me a bit longer than I had hoped but finally all complete :D

I am starting out this time with this fantastic rainbow pose prop by WetCat. It is fully mesh and comes with a bunch of fun poses, both male and female (one is seen above), and adjustable pose menu. Also included in this prize: It puts a smile on your lips! :D The picture to the right side uses my AO, since it showed the dress easier this way.

The mesh tube dress is another one of the many hunt gifts from Faster Pussycat for the color-brave fashionista within you. Have your sunglasses at hand when trying them all on. ;D

Another gift you don’t want to miss is this amazing hand bag from Lil’Lace. The shine and colors is just WOW even for a non-bag-user like myself! Promise did a wonderful job on drawing these textures (even more so in so short time). The bag comes with a holding pose that will blend in with your AO poses super nicely (unless you AO runs on priority 4, then AO tends to win when refreshing pose). Below comes a close-up :)

Paired with the look above is the orange metallic lipstick gift from Pink Fuel!  More colors to follow throughout the pictures!

I nearly dropped dead when seeing these the first time, a definite must have :D This gift has light and dark version for 8 colors so 16 shades total and litterally is a Chandra-Dream-come-True. Thanks Mochi!! <3

 I’ll have to admit, I don’t know how all you regular bloggers do it, but changing looks so many times a day (while trying to dominate ones inventory) is rather time consuming! So I’ll be just sticking with the same skin in all these cause I fell in love with it ever since I saw it. To get that one covered right away, it’s not part of the hunt but it IS from one of the participating creators ;D Check out the demo for “Harley” in Opaline while you’re over at Pink Fuel‘s mainstore to find your hunt gift ;)

And while not free, you do get it for an amazing bundle price with any appliers you could possibly ever need (well don’t nail me down on that, there may be more. But it has anything from hands, feet, and tits galore that I know of existing) at We <3 Roleplay until the end of this month [the box is so cramped full with stuff, it’s a high competitor to my own boxes – yes Chic, it’s possible! ;D]. P.S. – the greenish tint is my light setting, not the skin :D

Worn above and right is Alice Project‘s hunt gift, “Alexis”, a glitterstreak hairstyle which comes in 5 natural colors with rainbow strands (love the attitude!). The gift has black, brown, red, blonde and white, all with a very subtle glittery rainbow mixed in. Of course I tossed another color from Pink Fuel‘s amazing metallic lipsticks on as well again. (click images for larger view!)

The oh-so-bright dress comes again from (you guessed it) Faster Pusscat and rocks with assymetry and bright rainbow scale :D Not to forget mentioning the bold bangles and again teamed up with Lil’Lace Scribble Bag :D I filled the blank with the rainbow choker of !dM deviousMind’s “Sweet Valentina” hunt rainbow edition.

If you can still take some more and want to make a color-statement to your neighbors even when you’re offline, don’t miss the Rainbow Cottage from ChiC Building! It oozes so much of a vacation flair and happy thoughts, it’s hard to not love it. Maybe it’s the added prayer flags ;) Very pretty! The hunt gift also comes with the rainbow planters I was showing you earlier in my first picture post.  

And since there’s been quite the variety of items to be hunted, please meet the last celebrity: Franklin C. Flutterbye :D I couldn’t get a good picture with him when actually riding him (moving through the sim as he does made setting light a task :D), so I decided to make him “emergency land” in the ocean. Franklin is the  Rainbow Hang Glider gift from Studio Sidhe – rezz him and sit, and he’ll take you for a fly :D Very much fun!

And Finally:

The last missing gift has been out since friday morning, so all the list is complete now. Thanks all for bearing with the delay, we truely appreciate it :)

So here they come: “Rainbow Apsara Wings” from *~*Illusions*~*!   Absolutely love the stained glass feel they have!  Thanks Siyu for this beautiful gift! Also the ears I’m wearing  in these pictures come from Illusions, I just couldn’t resist the strings… Not free, but grab the demos while you’re there looking for the hunt cocktail glass ;)

I paired this up with another shade of Pink Fuel‘s metallic lips (red this time) and one of the many fun printed shirts coming with the hunt gift from The Plastik.  The rainbow print really made me laugh when i first saw it, so fantastic and retro, it totally rocks.  “Deava” top is shown above, and “Kyrie”, which comes with Lolas Appliers, below!

And messing with more water and windlight settings – they never stop to amaze me with what you can do with them. :D

Last but not Least:

Thanks again from Surreal and me to all our talented designers who instantly jumped on board in this crazy color venture.

And thanks even more to everybody who’s coming by to hunt for the gifts. Most of us have received some very amazing thank you messages here and there over the past week – it’s wonderful to see that our mission of happy moods has succeeded, and it really puts a smile on our lips! Thank you again for that! :)


Taste the Rainbow Hunt: 1st round of Pictures

“FairyDust and AcidDrops…”


“Taste the Rainbow” Summer Hunt has started!

And along with that, here’s some pretty pictures for the goodies to be had to make you drool for colors!

The hunt leads you by notecard to 15 designers that you don’t want to miss ’cause damn, those girls have given their best to step up the pace of color-swatching ;) Thank you so much to all who instantly jumped on board to make this idea come true!

In the starting picture above is Faster Pussycat‘s crazy acid trip hip mesh pants and bangles, paired with one of the many Rainbow top options from The Plastik (all come in two patterns!)

The eye shadow and lipstick to the right is from Blacklace Beauty and called “Rainbow Kisses Make-up”, lip piercing from .:ellabella:. with the beautiful name “Ballad of Stars”. The fantastic rainbow planters in the background are from ChiC Buildings and as well a goodie that can be hunted for :)

(Please click pictures for large view!)



When you start seeing fairies and unicorns, you know you had to much nibbles of those planters!! ;)

You probably long recognized these wings, but if not, here’s the secret: “Titania Wings” from Deviance in special rainbow color edition! They come static as well as in different animation speeds, with subtlely sparkeling fairy dust attachment option. Very pretty! I am not quite happy with the windlight setting I picked for this shot, as it alters the colors of everything a bit too much in my opinion – so will definitely show you some more of these wings in batch 2 of the pictures coming soon!


Above comes some of our very own hunt gift – shown are parts of deviousMind‘s special rainbow edition of !dM “Sweet Rose Valentina”  (corset with optional Lolas Appliers, rose choker, fishnet stockings and ruffled knickers) paired with the most beautiful “Rainbow Sugar” horn and “Sugar Candy” tail from .aisling. – for the record: This hunt gift made me laugh tears when I first saw it!!! Any of you who found the Faster Pussycat gift along with the poster inside will know why! (I had just seen that poster 10 min before the horns and neither of the two creators knew of the other :D)

Here some more cause I had super fun shooting this scenery! Eyeshadow again from Blacklace Beauty (the lipstick worn here is glossy lips from Pink Fuel!) and piercings from .:ellabella:. 


So if this wasn’t enough yet to make you want to chase the rainbow cocktail cross the grid, here’s the closing argument:  The amazingly pretty “Primal Tiger” in rainbow from Blacklace!


You know what they say… Sex sells :D

We all wish you a wonderful summer and hope to see you stop by to grab your goodies :) Hunt runs till September 3rd so hopefully this will leave you enough time to fit it in between your vacation plans ;)

Keep eyes our for part two of my little hunt-gift presentation and please do join our flickr group if you’re on there to share with us what you did with the gift! The photo pool will be extended to anything rainbow related once this hunt is over and I’m sure you have many of these pictures to share :D

Here’s the post with all SLurls for “Taste the Rainbow!” Summer Hunt and any other updates that come about.

I’ll post the rest of the pictures soon, sadly a day has only so many hours and I’m not that routined in changing outfits so often so fast ;D

BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Showtime” **RAINBOW** and **PRISMA**

“ShowTime” CouturePack v2.5
by deviousMind and (*chanimations

When you think Showtime, you think big: Theater, Broadway, Vegas – Carnival! All those stars and starlettes, sequins, feathers, flashing spotlights. Sparkeling beads of subtle sweat on near naked skin as you’re dancing the night away. When has stage ever felt so glamorous?

ShowTime is for all you burlesque performers & feather lovers out there, and available as couture set in **GOLD**, **WINTERBURLESQUE**, **BLACK PEACOCK** and **CANARY** with anything from feather fans, feather boas, diamond lingerie and sequins bustles all the way to cane, tophat, gloves – anything you could need to be the star of the show really :) And with 2013’s “Taste the Rainbow!” Summer Hunt, we’ve added two new must-have colors to the mix: **PRISMA** and **RAINBOW**.

Of course other than using Showtime for its clothing pieces, they are as well working out as personal add-on props to some of the cabaret poseset releases by (*chanimations photography props & poses [FetishCabaret sets -ShowGirl-, -ShowDiva-, -FeatherQueen-, -FeatherDuet- and -MoulinRouge-].

The costume includes as well a matching bra applier for Lolas Tango (and any other mesh breasts that are compatible with Tango appliers, such as Lush) – mesh breasts are of course NOT part of the outfit and sold by other creators.


Since this is a recolor of one of our long time classics, you find all the content listing at our older post for “Showtime” **GOLD** set, only replace **GOLD** with **RAINBOW** or **PRISMA** in there and you have it all ;)

Enjoy Summer, and don’t miss out on the hunt! :)

“Taste the Rainbow!” Summer Hunt 2013

“Raindrops and Sunshine..”

“Taste the Rainbow!”
Summer Hunt 2013
August 10th to September 3rd

What happens when color meets your favorite creators in Second Life? Come and find out starting tomorrow!

Follow the rainbow trail to 15 fantastic designers and get a taste of their passion for colors – this list is intentionally super short, so you don’t have to TP around like mad. We want you to have fun with it!

This is not a chain hunt, but will be giving a notecard with all locations in one go so if you can’t find something right away, it’s not gonna be the end of all instantly. Oh and here’s of course a picture of the hunt item too!


Hunt Store List:

The following creators took upon our little challenged posed onto them and created you a colorful hunt gift to remember:

• Deviance

• !dM deviousMind

• Blacklace
• Blacklace Beauty
• Lil’Lace

• Faster Pussycat

• ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses

• The Plastik
• .:ellabella:.
The Beautiful Machine/82/150/65

• Studio Sidhe

• Illusions
Gift is out now!! Thanks all for your patience and sorry for the delay <3

• ChiC buildings

• Alice Project
Juicy La Jolla/170/192/23

• Pink Fuel
Atomic Island/69/164/23

• .aisling.
Maya Bay/84/8/1251

Take a look at my other blog post if you’d like to see large pictures of the first half of the hunt gifts!  And here is the 2nd half with even more colors! :)

And cause we loved playing with the color pots (and some of us quite extensively), we threw all our rainbow things together in one location for you to have fun with! So you will find a few extra “Taste the Rainbow” event items (both old and new) for a discounted sales price here:
Enjoy and have a vibrant summer with lots of good memories!


P.S.: We’d love to see your rainbow pictures – if you’re on flickr, please share with us :)

Some of the hunt gifts are posted there already, more pictures will follow of course and I’ll make some to add here as well :)


UPDATED: (*chanimations “Power of Word”

Here’s another one of our Sourceress series updated with new fancy for round #4 of “We <3 RolePlay!”

(*chanimations RELEASE NOTES

UPDATE 1.1 to 1.5
August 3, 2013

-Sourceress Power of Word-
Added a lot new fancy!

It’s been a while since we first released our Sourceress series – and since then a lot has happened SL development wise and own scripting knowledge wise. We’re taking part at August’s round of We?Role-Play event, so it was a great reason to give a new face to our precious #1 as well as to this set #3!

So here’s another Update to “Power of Word” with all sorts of new fancy, updated scripts and updated functionality. Most awesome overhaul: We added more colors to this version.

With version update v1.5, the spell prop allows you to set the flavor by a new structured menu including new color choices: Pick between a Love-Cast in vibrant red, Passion in deep pink and purple hues, Cold Flame in icy blue and turquoise, or the already familiar Fire in ardent orange and gold!

The spell prop allows you to set the glow intensity in 3 levels now along with full-bright on/off option to match its surrounding.

And, compared to previous version, with less prims but same detail!



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