FetishCouture: !dM “Play Tara Way” LatexEnsemble

“Tie or tear, which shall it be?!”

“Play Tara Way”

Chains & Latex FetishCouture
by !dM deviousMind

Tie it together or tear it away… whichever your route, you can’t go wrong with our little latex number of “Play Tara Way” ;) And since there’s never enough colors (and even less when it comes to latex usually!!) the costume is available in a total of 14 colors: **ONYX**, **SILVER**, **PEARL**, **CANARY**, **TANGERINE**, **RED**, **COTTON CANDY**, **SHOCKING PINK**, **PURPLE**, **BLUE**, **TURQUOISE**, **MINT**, **ELECTRIC LIME**, **KHAKI** and of course if you can’t decide which one to go for (or the ultimate mix-and-match fun!!) as well an **ALL COLOR PACK** including every existing shade and two multipacks, **FETISH PACK** for containing all the classics, and **TECHNO CANDY PACK** if you’d like to let your inner fashionista, cyberpunk and raver girl come out to play this summer.

The rigged mesh latex halter dress comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL) based on the standard sizing system and is made of glossy latex held together by (texture based) metal chains. The minidress is worn above a full fishnet bodysuit or just plain skin – no panties, naturally! ;) The bodysuit comes on all texture layers plus tattoo layer with matching appliers for Lolas Tango (these will work on Lush as well, I learned!) – please take note, the dress itself does not have appliers to go with it, unfortunately with all the possible size factors that come into play it’s impossible to line up the lines. :(

For a complete styling, the outfit includes 4 sizes of latex arm wraps as well as zipped overknee latex boots, both added as unicolor and with accented straps in metal color. To round it off, Tara wraps an open metal chain around your neck, running along the low cut cleavage on front and dangeling down the back; the chain accessory is made of unrigged mesh and you can choose between light, medium and dark metal.

We’re sure you’ll have fun with this one – Tara’s eclectic mix of gloss, chain & fishnet adds a very unique style mix to your inventory and will allow you to set the flavor simply by the choice of color from classic fetish all the way to excitingly bold fashion statement!

Please take note, this costume requires a mesh compatible viewer as the style cannot be created with regular texture layers. Hair/Skin is not included.

Also included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – this is an important part so make sure you know where it is :) Please find further details after the content listing.


You should find the following things in your new couture box – Permissions are (copy/no mod/no transfer) unless otherwise stated.

** in the following represents the color you purchased.

Clothing layers:

Alpha layers (copy/mod/no transfer):
• !dM Tara – halterDress alpha (optional)
• !dM Tara – overkneeBoots alpha/A
• !dM Tara – overkneeBoots alpha/B
• !dM Tara – armWraps alpha

Shoe base (copy/mod/no transfer):
• !dM Tara – overkneeBoots base

Tatoo layer:
• !dM Tara – fishNet bodysuit/AB **BLACK**

Underpants and Pants Layers:
• !dM Tara – fishNet bodysuit/B **BLACK**

Undershirt, Shirt and Jacket Layers:
• Tara – fishNet bodysuit/A **BLACK**

Lolas Tango Appliers
(no copy/mo mod/no trans):


• !dM Tara ::Lolas Tango BRA applier:: bodysuit **BLACK**
• !dM Tara ::Lolas Tango TOP applier:: bodysuit **BLACK**

Rigged Mesh HalterDress:

• !dM Tara – chained LatexDress/XL ** (pelvis)
• !dM Tara – chained LatexDress/L ** (pelvis)
• !dM Tara – chained LatexDress/M ** (pelvis)
• !dM Tara – chained LatexDress/S** (pelvis)
• !dM Tara – chained LatexDress/XS ** (pelvis)

There is an optional alpha layer included; depending on your shape, you
may find a size that does not require any alpha though :D

Rigged Mesh Boots and Armwraps:

The following come in sizes XS, S, M and L –
XYZ stands for purchased color, CONTRAST for contrast color
SILVER on light and ONYX on dark shades:

• !dM Tara – zipped latexBoots/x ** (left)
• !dM Tara – zipped latexBoots/x ** (right)
• !dM Tara – zipped latexBoots/x **XYZ/CONTRAST** (right)
• !dM Tara – zipped latexBoots/x **XYZ/CONTRAST** (right)

• !dM Tara – latex armWraps/x ** (left)
• !dM Tara – latex armWraps/x ** (right)
• !dM Tara – latex armWraps/x **XYZ/CONTRAST** (right)
• !dM Tara – latex armWraps/x **XYZ/CONTRAST** (right)

Mesh attachments with resize & stretch option:

• !dM Tara – metalChain **LIGHT** (chest)
• !dM Tara – metalChain **MEDIUM** (chest)
• !dM Tara – metalChain **DARK** (chest)

• !dM Tara – Lolas metalChain **LIGHT** (chest)
• !dM Tara – Lolas metalChain **MEDIUM** (chest)
• !dM Tara – Lolas metalChain **DARK** (chest)

Checking for Updates:

• !dM deviousMind “Tara” ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

Please inform us if anything is missing, just make sure SL did unpack it all! Sometimes not all items are copied to your inventory, so please double-check by unpacking the box again in a low-lag zone before getting in touch with us.

Enjoy your new costume!


Use of “add”:

To wear all alpha layers at the same time, right-click in inventory and choose “add” instead of “wear”. Same applies if you want to add additional attachments to spots already occupied. :)


Rigged mesh cannot be adjusted in size or position on an avatar. For that reason, we’ve joined the idea of “Standard Sizing” and added sizes L, M, S and XS for the mesh corset. Please try the demos to make sure one of them fits you.

Testing the sizes with different avatar shapes, we found that most effective fit (if required) can be achieved with adjusting the sliders for separate/join cleavage and gravity/less gravity for the upper part of the halter dress as well as butt size for the lower. For armwraps and boots play with the muscle slider, also knee angle influences the fit of mesh boots. If you’re unsure if you can get the outfit to fit, test it with the available demos before purchase :)

If you can’t see the mesh, please update your viewer.

All meshes used for this release are purchased content creator items with own, digitally illustrated textures. So you may find the mesh itself being used by other creators as well and have a shape adjusted to its fit already. :)

All textures this set are original designs and hand illustrated by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find these textures elsewhere used by others, be sure their use isn’t legal and please inform me urgently!

Thank you very much in advance!


There is alpha layers included to make it all fit – if you can’t get it to work with those, we’ve included the textures full perm so you can download them to your computer and modify in a graphics program.

It shouldn’t need mention: the textures are for your personal use only and not to be used in any other form. Please respect my work and don’t pass these on full perm.


Included in this set are appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breasts, created by Sandi Moonites. Please see creator profile for information where to acquire them and take note, the appliers will work with “Lolas Tango Appliers” compatible mesh breasts only (such as Lush).

Of course none of these mesh breasts are included in the outfit and sold by their respective creators.

Appliers and Lolas do sometimes “get stuck” with lag – if you’re hitting the applier HUD with no changes of your Lolas’ texture, please first check that the correct layer and corresponding HUD is being used (dress top or dress bra) and the sim you are in allows scripts. If it still won’t work, re-attach both Lolas and HUD and try again. Any further troubleshooting is out of my hand and needs to be taken to the creators of your mesh breasts.


We use a resize script that operates from root prim alone, so it’s one deletable script used in an item. It also allows to stretch pieces into one direction individually, so you can make things wider or narrower to adjust them to your shape. There is limitations in some cases, be sure to keep original box for backup or use the “restore” option if needed.

Please always adjust the placement of the prims on your avatar before resizing, as the attachment position on first wearing highly depends on the height of your shape, length of arms/legs, etc., so items attach for everybody slightly different. In most cases there is no resizing required even, just move it higher or lower, sometimes a little rotating forward/backwards helps too! You will find a picture guide in this box to explain how to edit the attachment point if you are unfamiliar with how to do it. :)

Please make sure to take a copy of the original items (or keep your original box for backup in the folder) before moding and feel free to delete the scripts out of this modded copy after you are done! Included is a notecard for all functions of the script.


The pack includes an object named !dM deviousMind “Tara” ** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz) which will check for free upgrades to any of the content of this set. We’ve included this so you will be up-to-date on all changes that might occur of any of the items and scripts in this set.

Rezz the object and type “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat. You will receive your free upgrade should any be available.

If nothing happens, then there is likely none yet, or the sim you are in doesn’t allow scripts to run.

Check our blog for all info on updates:


We’ve learned of times where the update script in the checker got corrupted with rezzing or unpacking and would not communicate to server proper. If you know an Update exists and your update item doesn’t connect at all to the server, please unpack a 2nd copy of the updater from your original box and try again with the fresh one. Usually you receive an update within a minute if it is available. It may take up to 5 though if you or the sim you are in is laggy, so please try a bit patience at least one time.

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!

(*chanimations and
!dM deviousMind

Your first stop for anything Burlesque, PinUp and Fetish at deviousMind sim :)

In-world Update Groups:
(*chanimations –> secondlife:///app/group/d114d452-96d2-73e5-b704-d7533ae248d3/about
!dM deviousMind – UPDATE Group –> secondlife:///app/group/535f7ee1-83e8-101c-8de7-53b0ab396a0a/about

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