(*chanimations SugarRush PinUp Calendar Release!

I am super excited to finally lift the veil of my latest project for (*chanimations photography props and poses!

This has been a long long long stretch of building, creating textures, scripting and making new poses. And I likely don’t want to eat cake & candy at least for a week now…  But it’s been oh so worth it!

Let me introduce:

“Full Flavor, Zero Calories!”

SugarRush #01-12
PinUp Calendar

by (*chanimations
April 2013

(*chanimations SugarRush takes you onto a sweet journey with a seductive and humorous pin up pose series, consisting of 12 sets of sweets, cake and candy! And for the ultimate sweet-tooth, one CalendarPack with all sets and menu driven background photobox to let you create your own SugarRush vintage PinUp calender… or another poster for your fridge… or Valentine’s Day sweetness and Birthday greetings… or whatever. ;)

It’s basically the long awaited part 2 of our (*chanimations fruitFetish! calendar series of 2009 only with more sugar :D

I will make detailed listings for all the sets, but as it’s a whole lot, doing this in smaller steps :) So for now, here’s an overview of the 12 (*chanimations SugarRush releases so far:

• SugarRush #01 “BananaLicious”
• SugarRush #02 “Dippin’Doughnuts”
• SugarRush #03 “JellOhhhhhh”
• SugarRush #04 “Ice My Berry”
• SugarRush #05 “SundaePleasures”
• SugarRush #06 “StrawberrySlutcake”
• SugarRush #07 “SugarTits”
• SugarRush #08 “OrangeOrgy”
• SugarRush #09 “CandyShop”
• SugarRush #10 “HoneyPot”
• SugarRush #11 “Waffelatio?!”
• SugarRush #12 “MintStrip”

Individual set descriptions and pictures will of course follow.

The Best News:

To celebrate the launch, I’ve made one special vendor that ensure you’ll be balancing out all that sweetness with some proper vitamins! So for a short time, we’ve put all you can eat into one big box and you’ll find a combined package of (*chanimations SugarRush and fruitFetish! PinUp Calendar series at our mainstore.



A special “Thank You”

I would have gone insane without the help of a few friends, so at this point a very special thanks to Elise for inspirational Tiki-Cupcake hat and click-checking color menus, Surreal for mental support on ad-making and permission checking, Chopsy and Mariska for mad-crazy naming skillz, and of course the most important “Thank you!!” goes to my amazing models Honey, Federica, Nathalia, Surya, Ronnie and Tara who got the best out of every pose set in the posters! (and saved me from a massive clothing shopping spree)

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