UPDATE: !dM “Good Girl” Burlesque Couture


There’s good news today… “Good Girl” goes spring 2013 with a full free update! (well, “free” if you own the costume already :D) If you don’t, then this is your chance for a fresh little number to show the winter that it’s done and should leave ;) Here’s the full costume description and content listing.

If you do have any of the costume colors or color pack, please get your update item in your box and rezz in a script enabled sim – if nothing happens when rezzing you can speed up the process by saying “/12update” (without the quotes) in open chat.

The mesh used is the same shape as for our newest release, !dM “Sweet Rose Valentina” by the way. In the two pictures below you see !dM “Good Girl” in **HONEY** (left) and **COFFEE** (right) – special thanks at this point also to our very special “deviousHoney” Honey B., who logged right in when I needed another model for snapping the new mesh pieces to paste into the old color pack add :D Thanks so much for your great timing and mental reading skillz, pictures just wouldn’t be the same without you :D

Welcome Spring and Enjoy :)


UPDATE 1.0 to 2.0
February 19, 2013

Added mesh corsets and Lolas Tango Appliers!

This is a pretty exciting update – none of the core costume pieces have changed, but we’ve recreated Good Girl’s texture for fit on a mesh corset! So new addition to the box is 7 sizes of rigged mesh curvy goodness! Enjoy :)

On popular demand, you will find appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breasts added as well. Please take note, the appliers will work only for these and none of the older mesh/prim tits out there ;) Also new is a set of tassels to fit Lolas shape.

All vendors in the sim and marketplace listings have been updated with these additional pieces as well.

And as usually: a new update checker, please delete the old one and replace it with the one included in this box. (Version number is written in the properties’ description field; right-click the item in inventory, select properties! Or when rezzed, you find it in the line underneath the object name)

All new pieces can be found in the update box, in case you want to just move them over to your old folder (and keep already resized items). For completeness, i also added the full new box to this update as well so you have a backup.


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