“Carnival!” Epilog


A very special “Thank you!” again to Runway Cafe for organizing this amazing show, all the models who put so much effort into styling up, and BOSL’s DJ Sofia Diage for the fantastic hosting and music. As promised, here’s a few more pictures :)

My appologies already at this point that I didn’t get to finish up all the pictures I took of everybody – I took way too many but some unfortunately screwed up with the weird shadow bug SL likes to do :(

Hope you’ll get a good idea of how much fun we had during that weekend with the ones I do have though :D

Left is Jena Adder also known as “She who successfully controls the models’ flock” in Showtime. The leading picture above is Algezares Magic in “Bayou Belle” – I love the makeup she created to go along with the costume. Both truely looking fantastic!


Above dancing on the balconies is Michela Benazzi in “Coco mon Coeur”, Nxraven wearing “Miss Josephine”, Kellis Denimor in “Miss Leprechaun”, Locuala Madruga dancing in “La Chouette Du Paradis” **BLACK** and on the very right Suga Leakey in “My Darlin’ Valentine”.

Lefthand one more of DiamondGem Destiny with “Miss Dhalia” in red – she couldn’t have stopped any more fitting on her walk :D

My appologies for not having any picture of Alethia Bonham :( will try to see if I can get some magic to the ones I did catch, but it’s gonna take some photoshop magic cause too dark or really bad angles I caught :(

Kellis Denimore looking stellar all clovered up – hunt along the rainbow and see what she got to share ;) Speaking about St. Patrick Day… there’s some evil plans brewing *laughs* now I only hope my timing will be better than with the Valentine’s Release (more to come on that in the next post)

The picture above Kellis is another one of Algezares, this time in “Perola do Brasil” **KIWI**.  And left is Federica Galtier again in “Mistress Karma” **MAGENTA**.  [which is why here came the “break” in the post cause it’s not quite PG for the feeds ;)]

Followed by River Anwyl, Runway Cafe’s stylist, with an amazing choice of makeup (and you should have seen those bangles and nails!! too bad they moved out of the picture with the dance animation, really)

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