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UPDATED: (*chanimations “La Burlesque” Photostage!

The important Stuff:

UPDATE for (*chanimations “La Burlesque” photostage is finished since last night with a few new textures, new menu options, some improvements for practical showtime use, and with urgently needed updated curtains! The above picture was taken with SL shadows, so there’s no new texture on the spotlights or any like that. What you see is the light falling through the glass ceiling :D

Now this is where I need your help:

Unfortunately it turns out now, that there’s trouble with the automated update script of version 2.0!

I distributed all purchases since October 2011 manually through marketplace and inworld – if you do have version 2.0 of the stage and the update did not reach you, please get in touch with me! (Inworld, comment to the blog post, Flickr mail, whatever else you can think of). For those who have the photostage since version 1.0, please rezz a copy of the old stage to receive the automated update or get in touch with me :)

Thank you very much in advance!

(*chanimations RELEASE NOTES

UPDATE 2.0 to 2.5
January 18, 2013

Added more textures and sculpted curtains

For the selections of seasons, you’ll find now 2 shades for Valentine’s Day and one Mardi Gras texture added. Also, not quite seasonal but pretty useful, a black-and-red striped wallpaper if you’re going for more of a BDSM theme in your building ;)

Due to request, we also filled up the dead space above stage and opened up the front more to give better view on what’s happening on stage. For functionality, you also have the backsides of curtain and screen see through, so you have a good idea of what’s happening in front of the curtain while you wait for your show to start.

The Runway in front of stage is added in separate linkset now, so you can take it out if you don’t want to use it :)

To go with more livelyness, we also replaced were the old curtains. Instead of normal squared prims are sculpties now, to give it an overall more airy feel and pick up the curves of the building better. Unfortunately with this change, the primcount raises slightly (5 PRIMS) – The new stats for counts are as follows:

“La Burlesque” Photostage is build on a basis of 40x40m, and with the dome approx. 20m height – it is packed in a rez-faux box (9 PRIMS) and rezzes in five parts:

• main building with 42 PRIMS,
• runway for stage with 8 PRIMS (optional),
• frontStairs to lead up to the runway with 3 PRIMS (optional),
• all special effects and lights 30 PRIMS and
• balcony at the entrance with 4 PRIMS (optional),
for a grand total of 87 PRIMS.
(+9 PRIMS rez-faux package at first rezz)

The stage menu was improved to include an option that will allow you to fade the front curtain in and out – this will come especially handy when you’re dealing with a big event and possible lag spikes that cause the animated curtain to act up or not function properly. With the new fade option you won’t need to worry anymore and can keep your show running without trouble :)

If you know anybody else who uses “La Burlesque”, please inform them about this update and to contact me if there’s trouble with getting their upgraded version :)

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