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Here’s some pictures of the event with Clyde Barrow at Tempelhof Theater the other day :)

I will have to admit… Frank Sinatra is one of those big names out there that has always been enjoyable, but I’d call myself not a fan by all means – that being said, I’ve seen the most amazing performance two days ago at Tempelhof theater with Clyde Barrow entertaining “the Sinatra way”.

If you’re a fan or not, I’d totally recomment you to join his event group to witness him live in person one day :) secondlife:///app/group/e9375528-103e-3c5a-3096-129e14d53d3d/about

Also make sure to visit Tempelhof theater – the whole place just has a very powerful Berlin-after-war-rebuilt flair to it with a very continuous red line from build of sim, style of theater, style of entertainment, all the way to the style the girls have. (Will grab the actual coordinates in front of the door next time I am logged in SL, these put you a few steps to the side at the center square)

UPDATED: !dM deviousMind “ShowTime” **BLACK PEACOCK**

This is a medium update – none of the core costume pieces have changed, but everything got renamed to “ShowTime” and all ‘old fashioned’ scripts were swapped with a resize and stretch script that operates from root prim to reduce script runtimes. Remember, you still can delete the scripts out completely :) With this update, the feather boas have received a resize script as well.

With release of !dM “Lady Vayne” carnival costume, we borrowed two of those costume pieces (peacockTail and peacockRuffles) and added them into “ShowTime” as well – they just looked too fabulous with the diamond lingerie to pass!

Beyond, you will find appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breasts of our diamond lingerie and pasties :D Please take note, the appliers will work only for these and none of the older mesh/prim tits out there ;) Also new is a set of tassels to fit Lolas shape.

All vendors in the sim and marketplace listings have been updated with these additional pieces as well.


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