PetiteCouture: !dM “Peppermint Coco” for Petite Mesh Avatar

“Peppermint, mon mini Amour…”

“Peppermint Coco PETITE”
Holiday Couture
by !dM deviousMind

After all these holiday costumes I’ve been doing the past weeks, “Peppermint Coco” instantly struck me as one that HAD to go petite – who could resist a cute little christmas elf after all ;D So here she comes for Holiday Season 2012 at deviousBeauty!

The illustrated outfit consists of a variety of different attachment options, to allow for flexibility when styling your avatar. The shiney peppermint-striped satin corset comes with a poofy red-and-green striped matching skirt that allows wearing it as “plain” skirt, or to wear it with the full peppermint decor combined; or if you feel a little more plain, wear ornamented pearl and holy adornments along with the skirt, and leave all the callories away ;).

If you feel like skipping the skirt, you can wear only the off-white frilly knickers and the corset with pearl and holly leaves adornments along top- and bottom lines. And to round it all off, the costume comes with matching peppermint striped stockings, ankle boots with ruffles, a little tophat and a 3-row pearl choker.

Also included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – please find all details of content after the content listing.

You should find the following things in your new couture box:

Clothing layers:
(copy/no transfer/no modify)

Mesh outfit layer:
• !dM Coco “Petite” – corset & frillyKnickers **XMAS**
• !dM Coco “Petite” – corset & frillyKnickers (glow) **XMAS**
• !dM Coco “Petite” – corset, knickers & stocking **XMAS**
• !dM Coco “Petite” – corset, knickers & stocking (glow) **XMAS**

Prim attachments:
(copy/no transfer/no mod)

• !dM Coco “Petite” – ruffleSkirt **XMAS** (pelvis)
• !dM Coco “Petite” – ruffleSkirt (glow) **XMAS** (pelvis)
• !dM Coco “Petite” – candyCanes&hollyLeaves w/Tail (stomach)

• !dM Coco “Petite” – pearlNecklace **XMAS** (spine)
• !dM Coco “Petite” – pearlAdornment **XMAS** (chest)
• !dM Coco “Petite” – pearlAdornment **XMAS** (stomach)

• !dM Coco “Petite” – peppermintHat **XMAS** (chin)

• !dM Coco “Petite” – ankleBoots w/ruffles **XMAS** (left)
• !dM Coco “Petite” – ankleBoots w/ruffles **XMAS** (right)

Checking for Updates:

• !dM deviousMind “Coco PETITE” **XMAS** – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)
Enjoy your new costume!



You find the ‘Petites’ avartar by more and more creators across the grid now, who participate in the project started with Yabusaka Loon’s amazing little mesh avatar.

The avatar itself is NOT included in this costume pack.


Remember that starting with viewer 2.0 and other 2.0 compatible viewers, you can use the “add” function (right-click item in inventory, then select “add”). Due to the complexity of this costume and to allow you the highest customization, this will be required if you would like to wear all prim attachments of the outfit at the same time!


The pack includes an object named !dM deviousMind “Coco PETITE” – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz) which will check for free upgrades to any of the content of this set. We’ve included this so you will be up-to-date on all changes that might occur of any of the items and scripts in this set. Rezz the item and type “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat when standing next to the object.

We keep you informed about item updates through our mainstore by signs at the vendor. Updates are as well listed on our blog:

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


All textures for this set (except peppermint liquorice) are original designs and have been created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

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