StageSet: (*chanimations “O Happy Day!”

“A Cream come true… ”


-O Happy Day!-
August 2012

(*chanimations’ stageSets are our new photography and performance scenes and pretty much exactly what it sounds like: scenery sets when you’re on stage :) Each pack contains two versions – one fit for “La Burlesque” photoStage (“LB fit”) with the exact measures to fit into the stage, and a 2nd version geared more towards a photo studio use with a lot more floor and walls on an approximate 17×19.5m footprint for a larger choice of photography angles. The stage version is set to phantom so you can walk into the scene from behind stage before curtain opens.

“O Happy Day!” is one of my performance sets from July 2012 and (at least for this show) geared towards a white wedding theme set up as a rich layer cake stage with candles, stars, white satin curtains, rich wallpaper, and of course the mandatory release of hundreds of doves in particle form. As additional special effects, it has the options to fade stage-cake and background stars in or out.

The release has been expanded with baloon particles as well in case you’re going for a more “Happy Birthday!” related cake performance or photo theme ;) As you see… the possibilities are endless :D

Please take note: stageSets are scenes without any poses – think of it as 3d photo background!
If you’re looking for matching props with poses, have a look at (*chanimations fruitFetish! series [specially the surprise cake – it’s a perfect fit for the stage-cake platform] – or of course any of our other sets or any other creator if you’re not rezzing the cake. :)

The set is dedicated to Lucca and by default (with the way this turned out) it’s also a kinda-tribute to “our sim’s cupcake kitty” Elise! (You find her store ‘Cupcakes & Poetry’ in deviousMind’s bakery building) And a full cream-come-true layer cake expansion to our fruitFetish “SurpriseCake” set. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be the icing on the cake! So you see, there is always an excuse for cake :D

As with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!

(copy/no mod/no transfer)

• (*chanimations stageSet – O Happy Day! (LB fit) – 114 PRIMS (28+86 PRIMS)
• (*chanimations stageSet – O Happy Day! (LP) (LB fit) – 86 PRIMS (24+62 PRIMS)
• (*chanimations stageSet – O Happy Day! – 89 PRIMS (31+88 PRIMS)
• (*chanimations stageSet – O Happy Day! (LP) – 114 PRIMS (27+62 PRIMS)

[the above listed parts are unlinked groups of background and cake – so if you need to align them make sure to have both pieces edited, or turn build on before rezzing!]

• (*chanimations stageSet – O Happy Day! (LB fit) [background] – 28 PRIMS
[background for LaBurlesque stage, rezzes without cake]

• (*chanimations stageSet – O Happy Day! [photoBox] – 31 PRIMS
[background of photobox, rezzes without cake]

• (*chanimations stageSet – big stageCake! (LB fit version 2) – 88 PRIMS
[an alternative cake version for LaBurlesque stage, rezzes without background]


The effects menu for this stage consists of 2 parts:

This menu will open when clicking any part of the cake and allows you to change the following:
• Fruit type: Oranges, Kiwis or Lemons
• Candle colors: Sunny (yellow and orange), Pink or Blue.
• Candle particles: Light candles or turn them off.
• Fade cake in/out (for performance drama or convenience when taking pictures)
• Permissions

In the photoBox version, it can be found in the large floor prim.
In the version for “La Burlesque”, it will pop up when clicking any background box prim (as from own experience, when you’re on stage and trying to deal with dances and emotes and what not, it’s impossible to target a menu prim :D)

This menu operates the following effects:
• Particles: Doves, Baloons and Particles off
• Background sparkles: stars fade in/out
• Permissions

Make sure to set permissions respectively if needed. Rezzing default of user permission is set to OWNER only, if you like others to be able to use the menu, change the setting to ‘Group’ or ‘Public’.


Most textures for this stage are custom made by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

Purchased textures are whip cream and birthday candle textures from sculpt packs I used for the build. Dove particles were bought and modified for more even coloring. A special thanks goes to Cerdwin Flanagan for the gorgeous snow ground texture that got abused for cake icing :D


The stageSet includes an update script which will check for free upgrades when it is rezzed. Alternatively, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat when the box is rezzed already – make sure you are inside the box for chat range. We keep you informed through our update group, mainstore and blog should a product have received an update :)


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  • chic aeon says:

    I so loved those doves flying about in your Cabaret performance! That long hair is impressive but SO not good for filming *wink*. Lovely job!

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