A deviousWishlist for 2011

“Dear Santa…”


… A deviousWishlist!
by (*chanimations and deviousMind

As most of you know already, I was able to successfully capture a christmas elf last year which was found lurking around deviousMind sim. We had our fun and playtime, anyhow long story short, in the end could strike out a deal for some early xMas present deliveries (Blackmailing Santa’s Elf with possibly sending the photos to the Boss did prove rather efficient!).

Turns out, said elf is some sort of Chief Elf Christmas Executive (in short: CECE) at the company now, so it’s just reasonable to assume that last year’s blackmailing practice will be even more successfully this year! *evilgrin* So same as the past season, you will find a little mailbox at deviousMind waiting for your wishlist!


Write Santa a few short lines. If we— um… HE likes what he reads you might get your wish fullfilled!

Your notecard must contain the following information:

  • A short note to Santa why you deserve presents
  • Your full SL name inside the notecard
  • One item you’ve always wanted but never got out of our stores!Please look up the name of the item, if needed you can find most
    on the marketplace or our blog. And of course deviousMind sim!
    [Applies to any single item valued below 2000L from deviousBeauty,
    (*chanimations, and deviousPoses (adult)]
  • Name your notecard “2011-12-[date] Dear Santa…” and it’s going to be part of our daily drawing!
    IMPORTANT: Notecard name MAY NOT include your avatar name!
  • Only notecards dropped in the mailbox will be considered – please don’t sending any to my avatar!

    You turn your notecard in by dropping it into the mailbox right above the fireplace at (*chanimations main theater stage. Unfortunately my schedule varies dramatically this year, so the deadline will be fluctuating slightly every day – I’ll empty the mailbox between NOON SLT (12pm) and 3pm SLT though.

    The winner is drawn each day from all notecards received. Once entered, your notecard will be part of the drawing each day until christmas. Of course unless you won something, then you’re out :-) Everybody can win only once.


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