UPDATED: “La Burlesque” Photostage goes Seasonal!

Seasons come and seasons go….


“La Burlesque” Update 2.0

It’s going towards Halloween – just a good time to reveal the evil masterplan behind the update script in “La Burlesque”. We thought of world domination first, of course, but eventually just settled (for now!) with the thought on how a cabaret theater really needs suitable decoration for the seasons it’s celebrating.

So version update 2.0 includes other than layout features (which I will go into details in a moment) mainly visual updates: 3 brand new Halloween themed wall textures in orange/brown and black shades as seen in the picture above.

LaBurlesque_v2_seasonal_Winterdays((Please click on images to see large size.))

In foresight of Christmas and wintertime, this update also contains 3 new textures for the cold time of year in candycane and christmas colors as well as a classy white/cream striped snowflake pattern wallpaper and a matching new off-white curtain color. (Which looks amazing with the halloween wallpapers as well!)

Of course all textures are custom creations just for this photostage – so you will not encounter them anywhere else on the grid.

And of course it won’t stay with these – be sure to find a spring and summer update at some point towards the end of winter!

New Layout Options:

While our v1.0 release still included two different builds to pick between, we’ve combined everything into one building with 2.0 to give you more flexibility to adjust the floor layout to your furnishing/decoration. Regardlessly, you can still choose between a bar cut layout with more space on the main floor, and the “default” version with longer balconies on all sides. Only this time, these choices are made through menu! Beyond that, we added an option for a backstage room. Select the option in menu, and the wall behind the main stage gives way to a backstage area – you can add an own build or use our included 5 PRIM room with matching textures.

On special request, we also added another set of stairs at the front of the runway – these are separate prims and can be removed if not needed.

How to update?

Rezz your copy of the photostage (all the way out of the rezz faux box) and wait another few moments till the update script kicks in – or call for it manually by chatting /12update when standing in the center of the building close to the stage. (you need to be inside to be in chat range for the update script).

Enjoy :)


If you like to read up on the full stage description, please follow this link to get all“La Burlesque” Information.

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