What lies Ahead and Deep Below…


Halloween is on its way!

…and of course the computer is smoking already from working on all the new goodies :D

It’s not quite time for release yet, but I couldn’t hold it back any longer so here’s the first official tease for our upcoming costumes for Halloween Season 2011!

Elise (our sim’s lovely-and-totally-non-creepy *cough cough* cupcake-lady from Cupcakes & Poetry) and me declared this time of year clearly the deviousSeason. *nods nods* Anyway, we’re building stuff like mad and there will be a ton of new things out over the next weeks :)

What the spirits will reveal…

Currently 2 new costumes for deviousBeauty are done! Well, prototype-wise at least, still needs to be split on layers and boxed and all that good stuff ;D Also a set for (*chanimations which had been an exclusive gift for last Halloween’s photo contest winners, will be officially released this year. So it’s been waiting for quite a while now to be let loose – litterally! :D

As usual, there is more stuff I’m working on at moment but not far enough yet to give any hints what it will be ;) Planned is a bunch though, so keep watching notices and our blog for hints, teasers and release dates :D

Oh wait, did I mention yet? Halloween is coming! *jumps up and down all excitedly*

In the meantime…

I really don’t upload pictures that often… so here’s an early new year’s resolution to do some pure picture posts from time to time again :D


While you usually see the vendor pictures of the things I create (unless you follow my flickr), there’s actually really those occasions where we go out to “just” take pictures *laughs* In the following some of the shots with “The Siren’s Song”:

Admitted… the one above is an obvious left-over from the ad shooting starring (*chanimations SirenRock (aboveSurface) prop with poses from “The Siren’s Song” release, and *Deviance* Mermaid Tails “Fairy Moss” (green) as well as goldfish “Orange Crush”, both wearing the matching Shell Tops (tails and tops are sold separately either as color packs, color lines or individual packs). The 3rd mermaid costume comes from Evie’s Closet, named “Lumina”.

Location: my photo plattform, windlight settings and graphics programm lol.


Deep Down Below:


Since the pose prop comes with 3 different versions and only (aboveSurface) found its way on the vendor poster, I went out another day to take some shots of the underwater build. Of course it wasn’t that difficult to find the perfect fish conspirator who, on top of it all, had excellent knowledge of underwater location scouting ;D So we ended up at LEA sandbox with perfectly many underwater locations :D

My fish of choice here is more of the deep water kind, so the *Deviance* tail and shell top got combined with an old avatar I got in 2008 from Tekeli-li named “Anglerfish” (it is still available). The avatar comes with the skin and your personal anglerfish buddie to swim along with you :D (you see him somewhere further down in one of the pictures)

Chic is wearing a free mermaid outfit, you’ll find all details (and more pictures of our shooting) in her blog post here!

For the record, plan some time underwater cause turns out your favorite windlight settings are with a 99% chance total trash under the watersurface. Surprisingly, making good and somewhat realistic light settings down there is damn hard :D I ended up using Torley’s “HORROR” settings as a basis and started tweaking sliders from there.

(Please click images for larger view!)


2 Responses to “What lies Ahead and Deep Below…”

  • Emilly Orr says:

    The name you’re looking for is “Lumina”, released in Aprille of 2010 (http://glamorpuss.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/under-the-sea/). But obviously I missed finding your mer tails in my last wander through; I will have to return and seek them out.

    In the meantime, eagerly anticipating more pictures of your Hallows line; thank you for posting the teaser!

  • Chandra says:

    oooh! looks like “Lumia” or “Lumiara” was at least close haha. Thanks a lot for helping me out on this Emilly :) I changed it in the text above as well now.

    As for tails – I don’t have any myself at this point, the one I was wearing for the picture came from Deviance :) They are right when you enter the store lefthand on the wall (unless Surreal moved them already hehe)

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