(*asianMasala: 1001 Dreams

“A man may dream…”


-1001 Dreams-
An AsianMasala Set

Nothing has exerted an equal fascination on the Western imagination (especially during Romanticism time period) as the institution of the harem, and it has been a central theme of Orientalism in arts for a long time.

But as so often, origin and modern (Western) perception are going ways apart.

So let’s take a short travel into history: The Turkish word “harem” derives from the arabic Word haram – ‘forbidden place; sacrosanct, sanctum’ – but the system was common, more or less, to most ancient Oriental communities, especially where polygyny was permitted. The ‘harem’ does not refer to a sanctuary for the wives of a polygynous person but is simply a resting quarters for women. Female seclusion being emphasized to the extent that any unlawful breaking into that privacy is haram, “forbidden”.

It is being more commonly acknowledged today that the purpose of harems during the Ottoman Empire was for the royal upbringing of the future wives of noble and royal men. These women would be educated so that they were ready to appear in public as a royal wife.

Of course, a man may dream – so nowadays a harem is often imagined as many sensual young women lying around pools with oiled bodies, with the sole purpose of pleasing the powerful man to whom they had given themselves. Much of this has been insinuated through art and literature from that period, usually portraying groups of attractive women lounging around a man as their center of attention.

For the creation of this pose set, we’ve picked up the theme as it is presented in art and paintings: It is dedicated to the dreamy charm associated with those pretty girls on silky pillows and rich carpets, and their endevour to gain the Sultan’s attention. So enjoy, you guys, while it lasts ;D

-1001 Dreams- contains the following photography props and poses:


(copy/no mod/no transfer)

• (*harem_m_reachOut,
• (*harem_m_liftHand,
• (*harem_m_liftHand (wrap),
• (*harem_m_embrace (lookRight),
• (*harem_m2_floorPillow,

• (*harem_f1_comeHere,
• (*harem_f1_comeDown,
• (*harem_f1_leanForward,
• (*harem_f1_crawlUp,

• (*harem_f2_waiting,
• (*harem_f2_watching,
• (*harem_f2_reaching,
• (*harem_f2_reaching (elbow),

• (*harem_f3_floor (waiting),
• (*harem_f3_floor (inThought),
• (*harem_f3_floor (reachUp),
• (*harem_f3_floorSwap (reachUp),

• (*harem_f4_floorSit,
• (*harem_f4_floorPillow,

• (*harem_f5_prowl,
• (*harem_f5_kitty,
• (*harem_f5_kittyTouch

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements with the set. To match the nature of this set, all poses are designed to look best with bare feet.

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations – loungingLandscape for 1001 dreams (highDetail) – 52 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – loungingLandscape for 1001 dreams (noPlants) – 42 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – loungingLandscape for 1001 dreams – 43 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – loungingLandscape for 1001 dreams (reduced)- 38 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – loungingLandscape for 1001 dreams (LP) – 30 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – miniLounging for 1001 dreams… – 19 PRIMS

Rezz Optional:
(copy/no mod/no trans)

• (*chanimations – 1001 Dreams multiPosestand – 4 PRIMS
• (*chanimations – 1001 Dreams multiPoseball – 1 PRIM


We have included 5 different versions of the set to match different prim needs, including a miniLounging carpet with pillows and shisha so you can make individual arrangements paired with the low-prim version. All versions (except miniLounge) allow to change the carpets’ layout to adjust to your room. Shown in the vendor image is the high detailed version with default settings.


The set contains stored prim animation frames – as a result, please take note that you cannot [shift]-copy the structure because this deletes the stored frames and you will not be able to use it’s functions properly anymore. If you need multiple copies of the carpets, ALWAYS rezz from inventory to ensure it works! Same applies for resetting scripts. If required, rezz a fresh copy from inventory and delete the old one.


1001dreams_sitTargetsThere are 8 pose menus as well as one options menu hidden inside the prims of this structure. Please see included texture for their positioning.

If you would like to sit on a specific spot of the lounging area, target that prim directly with your mouse, right-click and choose “Sit Here”.

(click image for a larger view)

The OPTIONS menu is placed in the lower wooden plattform the bed it lying on (default is set to Owner only). The menu allows you to change the layout of the carpets, move one of the pillow groups around and as well set permissions for others to use this menu. The ability to use the poses and sit options in the prop are NOT affected by these settings.


All textures for this set (except snake plants) are custom made by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please help protect original content and immediately inform us! Thank you in advance!

GENERAL INFORMATION (which you might have already)


Of course there’s no pose-balls – you sit directly on the rezzed pillows! (Please see included texture for available options)

The prop provides you with a pose adjustment menu to finetune your position – either use included gesture with hot-key [F10] (the gesture is mod, so you can change the key) or speak /1a in open channel for the adjustment menu to open (both will only work while sitting).

‘Postion’ will allow you to move your avartar more forward, backwards, left or right (X and Y axis) and of course up and down (Z axis), if needed ‘Rotation’ menu gives you more options for your adjustment.

The script remembers the avartar custom settings of its 100 most frequent users who adjusted their positions as long as the set stays rezzed.


You’ve never worked with gestures? It’s easy, go into inventory and right click it, then select ‘activate’ in the context menu. Once activated, just press F10 key and the adjustment menu will open up if you sit on any of our (*chanimations props using this feature! Typing /adjustPose in chat will have the same effect, SL chat bar will auto-complete the command after the first few characters typed if it recognizes it being an active gesture. The gesture is mod, so you can change hot-key or command to whatever is easier for you, just double-click on the gesture in inventoy to open it.


To make it easier on photographers who work with models (or if you don’t want to adjust poses through a menu), a multiPoseball (1 PRIM) is included, as well as a multiPosestand (4 PRIMS). This way you can send your models afk and freely move them yourself instead of ‘instructing them’ where to place their avartar.

While the posestand navigates you through the poses with arrow buttons, the multiPoseball needs to be triggerd by the one sitting on it and toggles the poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys. Both multiPoseball and multiPosestand respond to /1 show and /1 hide to turn them invisible.


The set includes an update script, which will check for free upgrades when it is rezzed – to not loose the information of your adjusted poses through rezzing, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat – or just rez another copy from inventory :-)

If nothing happens even after the manual call, there likely is no update yet – it will function as described once a new version is available. We keep you informed through our mainstore and our blog about all set changes:

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


If you have problems with sculpties seeming rough edged and not properly rezzing – go to Advanced Menu (if it doesn’t show on the top bar, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D to show it), Debug Setting… – type ‘RenderVolumeLODFactor’ (without quotes) and set it to 4.000. It will take a short moment and your sculpties will render smoother when looking at them from a distance! Search the Wiki if you want more info about the RenderVolumeLODFactor.

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