UPDATES: (*chanimations


I started to update some of our older (*chanimations releases to stay up to date with changes in SL and of course the natural development of our brand as both sets were created and 2009 – and did kinda have that SL-vintage touch to them ;D


Please make sure to get your updates if you purchased the set before September 5th, 2011:

  • (*chanimations “CabaretBeauty” (FetishCabaret SET 14)
  • Simply rez the beauty vanity in a sim that allows scripts to run, and a few seconds later you should get automatically an object message that it is checking for update. This message can lag out sometimes, so if you don’t want to wait (or if you have a copy of the vanity rezzed in your sim), just type /12update in open chat near the object and it triggers the call manually.

    Short info what changed:

    To keep on the same level with our new photostage release “La Burlesque”, we’ve added a color menu to the beauty vanity to let you switch between the richly ornamented dark wood shades used in this new stage, and the lighter wood we used in our “FetishCabaret” photostage. The photo menu includes a grey screen as well now.

    FC_CabaretBeauty_AdWe’ve also kicked out the very first “April 2009” basic prim version (picture left) from the pack completely and shuffled prims around so the new LP version has the same prim count, but looks so much better of course. (Go figure, so much has changed since 2009 ;D) The stand alone lights for the ornamented version are still included in case you decide to add them at a later point to your LP version – this way you don’t loose any stored positions on the vanity.

    Oh.. we tossed two more poses into the vanity as well! so with all those changes, the set got a new vendor picture on top of it all. ;)


  • (*chanimations – “Circus” Photostage
  • The photostage was renamed to match the name patterns of our newer stages (admittedly, that’s more of an inventory sorting thing than really important ;D) and is now called (*chanimations Photostage: “VintageCircus” and it got some overall change in the wall structure. Originally the build was intended as a pure skybox so outside didn’t matter. Turns out, people rezzed it on ground anyhow so I felt the need to change the outside look to less of a prim mess ;D

    The photostage was one of our first things so it’s been WAY before we used update scripts. So if you have the old version and would like to receive the updated one, please get in touch with us by notecard. We need to know the approximate date you got the item – even better is transaction history information cause it makes it easier for me to cross check with the old files. Please add to the notecard as well, if you got the stage inworld or at the marketplace. History info is fairly easy to be gotten for marketplace/Xstreet purchases, but likely you’re having a harder time to have it from inworld any more – in that case, right-click the stage in inventory and select properties, you will find the date the item was acquired (that’s the unpacking from box date, purchase date would likely be the date of your first box)

    and here’s a picture of v2.0 of course too :)


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