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I started to update some of deviousBeauty’s costumes to stay up to date with changes in SL and those new possibilities scripting allows us now :D

Please make sure to get your updates if you purchased one of the following couture sets before September 2011:

  • !dM “Some more chains!” **SILVER**
  • !dM “Some more chains!” **GOLD**
  • !dM “Miss Leprechaun”
  • !dM “Miss Lenore” (see picture above)
  • Simply rez the included update checker (you can search for it in inventory with the words “CHECK FOR UPDATE”) in a sim that allows scripts to run, and a few seconds later you should get automatically an object message that it is checking for update. This message can lag out sometimes, so if you don’t want to wait, just type /12update in open chat near the object and it triggers the call manually.


  • !dM “MissDhalia” **ALL COLORS**
  • MissDhalia updates were distributed manually cause all costume pieces got their own update server now and it was so short after the costume release to easily manage to send the boxes out by hand – please take note, that’s the official color releases only and NOT affecting the **PATRIARCH** deviousHunt gift.

    The updated box was sent to everybody who purchased the costume before September 2nd – if you didn’t receive the box due to capped messages, please get in touch with us by notecard.


    There is more coming! Please watch our update group or blog for all the other changes :)


    Halloween is just around the corner! Next to our lovely “Little Lenore” and other releases of last year, you can expect some new fun things from deviousBeauty as well this year :D *tease tease tease evilsmirk*

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