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deviousHunt: Updated Information!

Big Congrats!

We’d like to say a huge contrats to Majik for finding the 5000L giftcard joker gift! Apparently she’s had the right intuition while clicking around prims in the sim, or simply massive luck :-D

Now the good news:

Since it didn’t take all too long that the first joker was discovered (yes, I did indeed say ‘first’ :D) we have decided to throw out another few of them in the upcoming weeks of our hunt! There will be multiple more giftcards slipped into the sim from time to time – join our Update Group if you’d like to be informed when they are released to the sim (and of course to get the info when they are found).   Good luck to all in finding one of them!


Help our chief investigator!

If you haven’t been at deviousMind sim yet to go and hunt your gifts, see the next post for all goodies that can be found and stop by to grab them while you can :-D You’re hunting for gifts by Cupcakes&Poetry, (*chanimations photography props and poses, Captain’s Quarters and !dM deviousBeauty in a delicious looking hunt-box: look for the apple with whipcream and compass as seen in the picture to the right!

Have fun and enjoy!

deviousHunt: Memories of long gone things…

Report from deviousMind: As the events unfold

Chief Inspector D. Vious had been busy these days (apparently that helped his pale complexion as well a little) and while he couldn’t retrieve the lost items in question, by now he had a very good idea of the things missing. It was even possible to find pictures, not all of them offered very voluntarily but a bit of bribe would do wonders, even for somebody of his rank and honor.


Easiest to come across was a full picture of the stolen costume in question, which belonged to the missing things of deviousBeauty. The chief didn’t even need to bribe anybody for that one, as it had been all over the newspaper in the last months accompanied with “Stunning Show at the FetishCabaret!” and “Breath-taking Glamor and irresistible Tease” and similar headlines to celebrate the big show of the season. A short call to the printing press, and the full colored image was his. And now has its neat little spot in his investigation journal, marked with “stolen item #01” neatly written next to it.

(click the image for a larger view!)


The Cupcake-Conspiracy

Not quite as easy was the discovery of the missing hats from Cupcakes & Poetry – in fact, only one of them seemed to have been documented on a picture. After talking to nearly every customer of the bakery he could get a hold of (it would appear, that most of them appreciated their cupcakes fresh out of the oven, so they were out at un-godly hours to get them!), he eventually ran into one helpful young jounalist who took a snapshot of Ms. Chandra wearing the item in question for a bakery event 3 months ago. Images of the other two hats were not documented but it would appear that they were similar in appearance (at least if the statements of Mrs Capalini-Cale were correct), one made of black leather and the other one sewn with white satin.

The photograph was glued into the investigation journal with a #02 written next to it – he was a thorough policement, one could tell.

From deep down in the Captain’s Quarters

Eventually, our good old Chief Inspector made up with Ms. Parisi as well for his unfortunate first meeting (see his report some pages earlier). It took him a few purchases and quite a few snippy remarks from her when he showed up, but in the end she would be noticably more friendly. The fact that he didn’t destroy anything during his visits at Captain’s Quarters and the very expensive old world globe he purchased (on the police offices’ expenses of course) might have helped his case.

Finally, he held a copy of a photograph in hand. It showed a belly dancer (was that again Ms Chandra?) in the middle of a fine display of antiques. “An event we have had to introduce our new collection to the residents.” Ms. Parisi commented on the picture when passing it to him. The Chief noded, and glanced over the picture pointing at the items in order as he spoke: “So these lanterns at the ceiling are the items stolen, correct? As well these baskets upfront and I see a pillow lying on the raised plattform, that is one of yours as well?” – “Yes, correct.” Ms. Parisi nodded. “The pillow is especially nice – it let’s you lounge on it for hours and hours, and is comfortable in all sorts of poses.”


The chief nodded, and slid the photo into his investigation journal – later it would be pinned in there as “deviousMind case, #03: Items missing from Captain’s Quarters.”

Devious suspects are every where.”

Last but not least, there was that final part… looking at the suspects. Of course, any and all residents living and wandering through deviousMind sim were suspicious, but only 4 of them were available to capture on photograph. Needless to say, this happened under loud protests and with a lot of mockery of the fine Chief. A friendly spirit at (*chanimations (who shall remain anonymous here for the risk of getting fired or whatever these deviants would do!) was kind enough to assist the chief with the set-up of all suspects.

He made little notes in his book along with the finely printed images:


Ms. Parisi:

From the looks of things, very talented Lady with a sense for decor and housing. Somewhat twisted lady who seems to have a flair of pirate-baroness in her some days, then is seen again wearing normal clothes or near to nothing-clothes. So maybe she’s actually less crazy than what meets the eye – or involved into the theater production or filming industry, who knows. Or it’s simply part of dealing with antiques and furniture? New Resident on the sim since July. Suspicious, especially since a wide variety of costumes seem to be at her hand. But certainly not pulling the strings of the crime quite yet.


Mr. Staheli:

Slick as an eal, certainly Gentleman on first impression and Playboy on second, and both at the same time most of the time. Not many scandals are known but it would seem that he has influence and controls a lot of the on-goings of the place. Certainly one of the top suspects as he seems to know his way around; nothing can be proven though, he might as well being set up by a competitor. Beyond all suspicion of his own actions, none of the other suspects dared to point fingers at him. Was it true respect of this Gentleman, or was blackmail involved – one would not know.


Ms. Chandra:

Throughout his investigation, Chief D. Vious found one thing: this woman was a chameleon! Very suspicious indeed. As well one of those hard to catch, as it would seem just as you picked up her trace in one of the buildings of the sim she was gone already again and showed up at a different spot. With charm combined, this might be a successful receipe to be the one behind all these deeds – he heard Mrs. Elise had said something similar, although it was whispered behind hands and just been reported by an informant. Nothing confirmed, and no traces left at either scene of crime in the sim.


Mrs. Elise:

The lady of the bakery was top suspect for the vanishing of her own items, as it had been an issue with her and the cream a few times reportedly. Although what makes the deeds unclear is the fact, that most of the missing items in question were no longer in her possession when they vanished. A mystery indeed.

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