deviousHunt: Suspect #04

“Just a little twisted on the surface maybe…”

Finally Chief Inspector D. Vious found the last person on his list in an elegant building right at the market place. “Excuse me, Miss.” he announced his coming. “Nathalia Parisi of Captain’s Quarter I assume?” The woman spins around startled, in the process nearly dropping an antique looking lantern. “Don’t you do that again!” she growls slightly tensed. “You have any idea how expensive these are?!” The chief’s eyes moved to the lamp in her hands; it was a finely carved oriental looking lamp, Maroccan maybe, with colored glass worked into the metal. “My sincere appology, Ms Parisi.” She didn’t speak up against the name and the description he was given matched the woman in front of him perfectly.

“Ya whatever.” she huffed at him, finally having her precious lamp in place amongst the display of the other fancy things she seemed to have gathered and up for sale. “You certainly seem to have come around a lot…” he states the obvious. Everything here had a slightly antique or oriental feel to it, rich colored fabrics were used, and the woods were carved and expensive looking.

“Doing some traveling here, some traveling there. Part of the deal if you’re in the housing and home furnishing business.” she replies short, then finally turns around and looks at the Chief again. “Import, export, some digging in the dirt.” A short pause follows. “So what’cha want?” she asks eyeing him all the way from tip to toe, “You don’t quite look like a customer with sense for orientals – or like you’ve seen anything other than the inside of a building for that matter.”

Well she had a point. Compared to her sun tanned skin underneath those long, dark curls he looked like a glass of milk. “Cases like what happend in this sim keep me behind the working desk.” he comfirms her suspicion, maybe with a tad hint of envy of her traveling and seemingly adventureous lifestyle. “Can you give me an exact description of the items missing, Ms Parisi. Or pictures maybe even, I am sure you keep a catalogue of your wares.” She nods and motions him to follow inside.

“Few things are gone…. Three hand woven wicker baskets have been stolen.” she opens a little safe in the back of the sales desk and places the heavy black book on the counter, flipping though the pages. “And one of the silk pillows to lounge on – indigo color.” He nods, a little suprised about the safe. “Pirates are everywhere, even if they wear costumes like you.” she says with a grin as catching his glimps, but her energetic finger tapping at the photo in front of him drew his attention fast from her comment back to the case at hand. “Oh, and 3 hanging lamps were stolen too… similar to the one you nearly destroyed today.” there was still a tiny bit of annoyance in her voice about the almost-mishap earlier.

“Any suspects?” he follows the protocol.

“Well, I’m the new gal here… so not like I’m gonna point fingers or anything, but I can say for sure that it wasn’t the pig who ate it.” He was highly confused at this comment now. Pig? A hidden insult maybe?

“Anyways, they all seem kinda nice enough.. although there’s places I would look if I were you – traditional treasure hide places.” she rips out a page and quickly outlines a rough map of the area, taking a red marker to throw random crosses on it. “There! Go look. All classic spots if you know anything about treasure hunting – a blind pirate could have told you that.” This started to sound as if she was getting tired of his questions and initiated the way to the door.

“Oh, and don’t come back without the loot.” – And there was the confirmation.

(to be continued)

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