deviousHunt: Suspect #03

“The Mistress of Mayhem”


When chief inspector D. Vious finally heard the sound of her heels clicking against hardwood floor, a few hours had passed. It was like a labyrinth in these endless amounts of rooms, floors and side buildings of the theater. His pace fastened to not again miss her, after all she was the next on his list for a few questions.

There was music, and the flickering of lights reflected against the walls just opposite of the slightly opened door. He couldn’t quite see in, as velvet curtains obstructed the view – the sound of her heels was loud and clear now, as was the familiar scent of perfume he had encountered the night before. He pushed the door open to make his way through the fabric, and with a little cuss instinctively lifted his hand to protect his eyes from the bright spotlight pointed towards the door’s direction – just to catch glimpse of a bra dropping to the ground next to the tall women’s silhouette.

“Now we have not heard yet of knocking, have we…” the female voice adresses him playfully with a smirk, glancing over her shoulder at the Chief. “Or is this a well timed coincidence?” Apparently she was not all too concerned and finished doing whatever she was doing. In this first moment of surprise, Chief D. Vious could only tell it involved a lot of glittering things and a sparkeling costume – still slightly blinded by the spotlight. “You’re hart to come by, Ms Meehan.” he states the obvious. It has been a known thing with the creative mind of (*chanimations.

“All good thing takes time.” she winks, and reaches for the tassles on the vanity, putting one after another in place.

“Umm… yes.. I s’pose.” he says and clears his throught. “Anyways Ms Meehan, I have been trying to ask you a few questions.” The woman nods, and reaches for the long beads necklaces right next to where the tassles were. “So I heard.” she smirks a bit, clearly having fun with the tease. “My phonenumber is not up for discussion, but there is plenty of opportunity for a good time or private show at our place.”

He was obviously a bit distracted by the comment but moved on in professional manner: “The missing items that you reported. Could you give an exact description of them? Or would you even have suspects that you would like to adress?”

“A lot is missing.” she sighs. “One of my favorite costumes: I called her ‘Dhalia’. A very expensive corset with feathers and lace, and a bodice with fur collar and garter. Some stockings, but I have plenty of those.” The chief nods, taking notes. “Then one of my matching tophats is gone too. And a pair of gloves. Custom color, patriarch.” She stops a brief moment as Lucca’s comment of the other night came back to mind then added. “Well in short for common men, purple-pink-magenta-color.”

“Any suspects?” the Chief asks.

Plenty of suspects – I would steal them too if they weren’t mine.” she winks.

(to be continued)

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