deviousHunt: Suspect #02

Everybody loved him…


…those who didn’t, went missing eventually.

This one would be a tough task. Mr Staheli, or Lucca as he was called by friends, and “the one who pulls the strings” respectfully by those who feared him. Of course chief investigator D. Vious had his informants that would drop him some stories here and there, but nothing ever to grasp to make it apparent that something might be up with this always friendly and correct gentleman. Sure, he liked the women. And he didn’t make a big secret out of how much he liked them. But – everybody does, right?

“Chief Vious.” Mr Staheli welcomed the head of police with a warm and welcoming smile into his office and motions his hand in an inviting gesture towards the heavy leather chair. “Please take a seat. I hear you have some questions for me.” He casually strolls towards the exclusive counter, pulls two glasses out and reaches to a bottle at the top of the shelf. “Scotch?” Of course, it was one of the best ones. Old age. The value of this drink was evident just by looking at the label.

The chief shook his head. “No, thank you.”

An amused grin came over the host’s face. “Of course. On duty. Always the correct Chief, very well.” He nods approvingly and pours himself a glass and sits down at the other side of his heavy desk. “How can I be of service to the law this evening.” he leans back into the chair in a relaxed and calm manner and crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“I need to ask you a few things regarding those items that went missing the other night, Mr. Staheli.” chief D. Vious starts in his usual professional routine. “Please take note, that your statements will be put into the protocol of this case.” A soft chuckle escapes the man behind the desk on the chief’s last words.

“Stolen things, stolen things… Them girls around the sim are all over the place about that stuff… from what I hear, some cupcakes went missing – the cat’s probably eaten them, all that cream stuff…” He shrugs. “I also hear something about some clothing stuff that disappeared.” he smirks. “All fine with me, them girls look better without all that frilly feather stuff anyhow – all natural, if you know what I mean.” he winks at the chief and it was clear, it wasn’t about the feathers, but more so about the fact they would wear something at all.

The chief blushes slightly. Of course, he was talking to one of the bosses of !dM deviousMind. What else did he expect to get as a reply.

“Wouldn’t know anything about where it all went though.” Mr Staheli cut into the thoughts of the chief. “That’s your job to find out though, no suspects here.” He finishes his drink, then gets up and walks to the door with an obvious gesture. “I appologize I can not give you any hints to the where-abouts…. My time is limited, you will understand. I have an appointment.”

The chief nods and as he heads towards the exit, the scent of a woman’s perfume slowly crawled into his senses. No point in trying to get another question out of this man. “Alright Mr. Staheli.” He leaves the bilding, nodding towards the woman in red he passes as he leaves.

Now the help of others was more than needed.

(to be continued)

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