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deviousHunt: Suspect #04

“Just a little twisted on the surface maybe…”

Finally Chief Inspector D. Vious found the last person on his list in an elegant building right at the market place. “Excuse me, Miss.” he announced his coming. “Nathalia Parisi of Captain’s Quarter I assume?” The woman spins around startled, in the process nearly dropping an antique looking lantern. “Don’t you do that again!” she growls slightly tensed. “You have any idea how expensive these are?!” The chief’s eyes moved to the lamp in her hands; it was a finely carved oriental looking lamp, Maroccan maybe, with colored glass worked into the metal. “My sincere appology, Ms Parisi.” She didn’t speak up against the name and the description he was given matched the woman in front of him perfectly.

“Ya whatever.” she huffed at him, finally having her precious lamp in place amongst the display of the other fancy things she seemed to have gathered and up for sale. “You certainly seem to have come around a lot…” he states the obvious. Everything here had a slightly antique or oriental feel to it, rich colored fabrics were used, and the woods were carved and expensive looking.

“Doing some traveling here, some traveling there. Part of the deal if you’re in the housing and home furnishing business.” she replies short, then finally turns around and looks at the Chief again. “Import, export, some digging in the dirt.” A short pause follows. “So what’cha want?” she asks eyeing him all the way from tip to toe, “You don’t quite look like a customer with sense for orientals – or like you’ve seen anything other than the inside of a building for that matter.”

Well she had a point. Compared to her sun tanned skin underneath those long, dark curls he looked like a glass of milk. “Cases like what happend in this sim keep me behind the working desk.” he comfirms her suspicion, maybe with a tad hint of envy of her traveling and seemingly adventureous lifestyle. “Can you give me an exact description of the items missing, Ms Parisi. Or pictures maybe even, I am sure you keep a catalogue of your wares.” She nods and motions him to follow inside.

“Few things are gone…. Three hand woven wicker baskets have been stolen.” she opens a little safe in the back of the sales desk and places the heavy black book on the counter, flipping though the pages. “And one of the silk pillows to lounge on – indigo color.” He nods, a little suprised about the safe. “Pirates are everywhere, even if they wear costumes like you.” she says with a grin as catching his glimps, but her energetic finger tapping at the photo in front of him drew his attention fast from her comment back to the case at hand. “Oh, and 3 hanging lamps were stolen too… similar to the one you nearly destroyed today.” there was still a tiny bit of annoyance in her voice about the almost-mishap earlier.

“Any suspects?” he follows the protocol.

“Well, I’m the new gal here… so not like I’m gonna point fingers or anything, but I can say for sure that it wasn’t the pig who ate it.” He was highly confused at this comment now. Pig? A hidden insult maybe?

“Anyways, they all seem kinda nice enough.. although there’s places I would look if I were you – traditional treasure hide places.” she rips out a page and quickly outlines a rough map of the area, taking a red marker to throw random crosses on it. “There! Go look. All classic spots if you know anything about treasure hunting – a blind pirate could have told you that.” This started to sound as if she was getting tired of his questions and initiated the way to the door.

“Oh, and don’t come back without the loot.” – And there was the confirmation.

(to be continued)

deviousHunt: Suspect #03

“The Mistress of Mayhem”


When chief inspector D. Vious finally heard the sound of her heels clicking against hardwood floor, a few hours had passed. It was like a labyrinth in these endless amounts of rooms, floors and side buildings of the theater. His pace fastened to not again miss her, after all she was the next on his list for a few questions.

There was music, and the flickering of lights reflected against the walls just opposite of the slightly opened door. He couldn’t quite see in, as velvet curtains obstructed the view – the sound of her heels was loud and clear now, as was the familiar scent of perfume he had encountered the night before. He pushed the door open to make his way through the fabric, and with a little cuss instinctively lifted his hand to protect his eyes from the bright spotlight pointed towards the door’s direction – just to catch glimpse of a bra dropping to the ground next to the tall women’s silhouette.

“Now we have not heard yet of knocking, have we…” the female voice adresses him playfully with a smirk, glancing over her shoulder at the Chief. “Or is this a well timed coincidence?” Apparently she was not all too concerned and finished doing whatever she was doing. In this first moment of surprise, Chief D. Vious could only tell it involved a lot of glittering things and a sparkeling costume – still slightly blinded by the spotlight. “You’re hart to come by, Ms Meehan.” he states the obvious. It has been a known thing with the creative mind of (*chanimations.

“All good thing takes time.” she winks, and reaches for the tassles on the vanity, putting one after another in place.

“Umm… yes.. I s’pose.” he says and clears his throught. “Anyways Ms Meehan, I have been trying to ask you a few questions.” The woman nods, and reaches for the long beads necklaces right next to where the tassles were. “So I heard.” she smirks a bit, clearly having fun with the tease. “My phonenumber is not up for discussion, but there is plenty of opportunity for a good time or private show at our place.”

He was obviously a bit distracted by the comment but moved on in professional manner: “The missing items that you reported. Could you give an exact description of them? Or would you even have suspects that you would like to adress?”

“A lot is missing.” she sighs. “One of my favorite costumes: I called her ‘Dhalia’. A very expensive corset with feathers and lace, and a bodice with fur collar and garter. Some stockings, but I have plenty of those.” The chief nods, taking notes. “Then one of my matching tophats is gone too. And a pair of gloves. Custom color, patriarch.” She stops a brief moment as Lucca’s comment of the other night came back to mind then added. “Well in short for common men, purple-pink-magenta-color.”

“Any suspects?” the Chief asks.

Plenty of suspects – I would steal them too if they weren’t mine.” she winks.

(to be continued)

deviousHunt: Suspect #02

Everybody loved him…


…those who didn’t, went missing eventually.

This one would be a tough task. Mr Staheli, or Lucca as he was called by friends, and “the one who pulls the strings” respectfully by those who feared him. Of course chief investigator D. Vious had his informants that would drop him some stories here and there, but nothing ever to grasp to make it apparent that something might be up with this always friendly and correct gentleman. Sure, he liked the women. And he didn’t make a big secret out of how much he liked them. But – everybody does, right?

“Chief Vious.” Mr Staheli welcomed the head of police with a warm and welcoming smile into his office and motions his hand in an inviting gesture towards the heavy leather chair. “Please take a seat. I hear you have some questions for me.” He casually strolls towards the exclusive counter, pulls two glasses out and reaches to a bottle at the top of the shelf. “Scotch?” Of course, it was one of the best ones. Old age. The value of this drink was evident just by looking at the label.

The chief shook his head. “No, thank you.”

An amused grin came over the host’s face. “Of course. On duty. Always the correct Chief, very well.” He nods approvingly and pours himself a glass and sits down at the other side of his heavy desk. “How can I be of service to the law this evening.” he leans back into the chair in a relaxed and calm manner and crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“I need to ask you a few things regarding those items that went missing the other night, Mr. Staheli.” chief D. Vious starts in his usual professional routine. “Please take note, that your statements will be put into the protocol of this case.” A soft chuckle escapes the man behind the desk on the chief’s last words.

“Stolen things, stolen things… Them girls around the sim are all over the place about that stuff… from what I hear, some cupcakes went missing – the cat’s probably eaten them, all that cream stuff…” He shrugs. “I also hear something about some clothing stuff that disappeared.” he smirks. “All fine with me, them girls look better without all that frilly feather stuff anyhow – all natural, if you know what I mean.” he winks at the chief and it was clear, it wasn’t about the feathers, but more so about the fact they would wear something at all.

The chief blushes slightly. Of course, he was talking to one of the bosses of !dM deviousMind. What else did he expect to get as a reply.

“Wouldn’t know anything about where it all went though.” Mr Staheli cut into the thoughts of the chief. “That’s your job to find out though, no suspects here.” He finishes his drink, then gets up and walks to the door with an obvious gesture. “I appologize I can not give you any hints to the where-abouts…. My time is limited, you will understand. I have an appointment.”

The chief nods and as he heads towards the exit, the scent of a woman’s perfume slowly crawled into his senses. No point in trying to get another question out of this man. “Alright Mr. Staheli.” He leaves the bilding, nodding towards the woman in red he passes as he leaves.

Now the help of others was more than needed.

(to be continued)

deviousHunt: Suspect #01

“Mrs. Elise Capa-Cake Who?!”


“It was the knave’s fault!”

She kept insisting. The knave this, the knave that (he had a beard and long sleeves of ink!), but most especially that the knave had stolen the cake, and not her. Never her.

The poor knave. While he settled the charges of tart-thievery more than a decade ago, it seems he will never quite escape them.

Our current suspect, Mrs. Capalini-Cale of Cupcakes & Poetry, will likely never escape these charges, either. Frosting was her master, cake her mistress! Forever entwined, these three — look away, look away!

And where has she hidden the bounty this time? This was the unsolved mystery, which not even chief investigator D. Vious, the best of his kind, could decypher from those few pieces of encrypted poetry she was willing to share. (She shared a lot of cake though!)

Investigations are stagnating – Three sweet top hats were taken and thrown to the winds. Would she be so crafty to have hidden them at the very scene of the crime?

Only you can help and find this out!

(to be continued)

(*photoStages: “La Burlesque”

“Ladies and Gentlemen – Welcome to the greatest show on earth… “


Last UPDATED January 19, 2013

-La Burlesque-
July 2011

‘La Burlesque’ is kind of the bigger sister of our old FetishCabaret photostage. Unlike the other one, La Burlesque comes slightly larger with a more exclusive nightclub feel to it on a 40x40m footprint (with or without an optional 20x30m backstage room). And full-on burlesque! Fancy wood work decorates the lower walls and of course decorates as well the little catwalk extension of the stage. A balcony surrounds the club along the inner walls, with circular stairs leading down to the main floor at both sides. Heavy velvet curtains and luxurious wallpaper with gold decor set the mood, while colored spotlights (and of course those gorgeous girls on stage) heat the atmosphere. All right underneath the stars, as the ceiling consists of a large glass-panelled dome.

So overall, we focused this time on a stage which is geared more to a day-to-day use, or even perfectly suitable for live performances.

The walls and curtains are individually color scripted and allow to mix-and-match the following colors:

• black,
• red,
• pink,
• purple,
• teal,
• green and
• golden-brown.

Update 2.0 adds the following SEASONAL options:

• halloween brown/orange,
• halloween black bats,
• halloween black haunted house,
• christmas green/red,
• christmas candycane,
• wintertime snowflakes and
• white curtains

Update 2.5 adds more wallpapers:
• valentine’s red/pink,
• valentine’s red/soft pink,
• mardi gras green/gold/purple,
• bdsm red/black

Window, entrance and stage curtains are fully functionable and controlled by menu, as well as the spotlights. Aside from closing and opening the stage curtain, you are able to fade it in or out since update 2.5. You can choose 3 even spotlights in the back of the stage, one frontal spot towards the catwalk, one frontal and 2 in the back, and of course turn the spotlights completely off. As special candy for your performance or photo shoot, there are 6 spotlight color presets to choose from.

Of course you can also turn light strings on the stage off and on, or hide them completely. Same applies to the chandeliers at the ceiling!

As with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!


• (*chanimations – “La Burlesque” PhotoStage (REZ-FAUX)
• (*chanimations – “La Burlesque” backStage room (rezz optional)

The layout of the building can be adjusted with menu, so that you can add a backstage area to the building if needed, and you can change the mainfloor area to match your needs. Besides the default layout with two equally long balconies on both sides, a “barCut” version leaves more room righthand of the main stage with a shorter balcony at that side, and was created to provide a space for our “HappyHour” cabaret bar. (see picture included)

The stage is color customizable through menu, and allows to set permissions who may control these settings – default on rez is set to “owner”.


We try to keep our photostages as low-prim as possible – so they are stages, and not replacement for homes and sim-decorations (unless you don’t mind the fact the outside shape is not quite what you expect from a great cabaret theater, or you are willing to put the extra work in and build an “outside” around it). Please keep this in mind.

Anyhow, here the stats:

“La Burlesque” Photostage is build on a basis of 40x40m, and with the dome approx. 20m height – it is packed in a rez-faux box (9 PRIMS) and rezzes in three parts:

• main building with 42 PRIMS,
• runway for stage with 8 PRIMS (optional),
• frontStairs to lead up to the runway with 3 PRIMS (optional),
• all special effects and lights 30 PRIMS and
• balcony at the entrance with 4 PRIMS (optional),
for a grand total of 87 PRIMS.
(+9 PRIMS rez-faux package at first rezz)

Additional Prims (optional):
• backStage room with 5 PRIMS on a footprint of approx. 30x20m.


The wall colors can be controlled through the wall switch left of the stairs leading behind stage. Menu to access special effects and curtain colors will open if you click on any of the phantom parts linkset. We set it up that way, so you can control the menu while you are ‘on stage’ without the need to cam around to the switch. :) Make sure to set permissions respectively, so your audience will not click around while you perform. Rezzing default of user permission is set to OWNER only, if you like others to be able to use the menu, you can change the setting to ‘Group’ or ‘Public’.


Some special effects of this stage contain stored prim animation frames – as a result of this please take note that you cannot [shift]-copy the building, as this process will delete the stored frames and you will not be able to use it’s functions properly anymore – if you need multiple copies of the stage, ALWAYS rezz from inventory to ensure it works! Same applies for resetting scripts. If required, rezz a fresh copy from inventory and delete the old one.


All textures for this stage are custom made by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody not connected to us, please inform us immediately to help protecting original content in SL and all our work that goes into updating this stage fo you :)

Thank you in advance!


The photostage includes an update script which will check for free upgrades when it is rezzed. Alternatively, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat when the box is rezzed already – make sure you are at the entrance of the box to be in chatrange for the script. As well, you don’t need to check daily for updates yourself, we keep you informed through our mainstore and our blog should a product have received an update:

A truely devious Hunt!

Where are all our precious things?!


There has been a strange commotion this night at deviousMind sim, excited voices everywhere, press, flashlights… the exact circumstances are not quite certain; it might be, that the busy chiefs of police are too involved in investigations to issue a statement. It would seem, that all residents of said sim, so far known as a peaceful place, are still in shock about the deed of crime – or in possession of a knowledge they are not willing to share.

At any rate, investigations are going on. And help of everybody is needed.

So it is official:

Rumor has had it, that pretty things can soon be found… Now we have a date and are thrilled to announce our very first and own

deviousHunt 2011

starting at July 29th, 2011 until August 14th, 2011
at deviousMind sim!

This hunt is a collaboration of all our resident stores and you will find gifts from each of these:

(*chanimations, !dM deviousMind, Cupcakes & Poetry and our newest family member Captain’s Quarters!

A few of you “old timers” might be excited to hear that Captain’s Quarters and its super-talented creator Nathalia Parisi come finally back to the grid – and for those who don’t know this store from the past yet, you’re in for a treat of amazing furniture and prefabs and anything else that makes living in prims desireable.

And it wouldn’t be our crazy cupcake lady “as we know her”, if Elise Capalini from Cupcakes & Poetry hadn’t spent nights and nights in her bakery building to create you the perfectly sweet devious cake gift there could possibly be… but not telling yet :-D I’ll leave her the honor!

Of course there is also glam and feathers to be had with a new burlesque gift from !dM deviousBeauty and last but not least, something for your pose-stand by (*chanimations photography props and poses.

(of course, I will keep you updated in the next few days with all the news and snapshots for things you can hunt these two weeks)

And to top it all of:

The Joker Gift!

Somewhere in the sim (and trust me, it can be huge if you’re looking for something) will be exactly one big prize hidden – so if you’re lucky and with the right amount of intuition, you will be the new proud owner of a 5000,- L$ giftcard for (*chanimations and deviousMind soon!

The box will be different than the other hunt items, and I’ll do my best to make it as un-obvious as I can *evilgrin*. It wouldn’t be a joker if it was easy to find after all! ;-D

Every day that the joker has not been found, I will release a new hint to it’s location until one happy “sim chief investigator” disovers it! Good luck to you all! :-)

(*FetishCabaret SET 27: “MidnightMuse”

“Midnight inspires to all sorts of things….”


FetishCabaret SET 27
July 2011

Set 27 brings you right into the spot light: -MidnightMuse- is entertainment of a special kind in FetishCabaret style, underlining the charm of a Nightclub singer with just the right amount pinUp and burlesque. The photoprop is adjusting dynamically to your pose to save you the hassle of dealing with an attachment – other than the name, there is nothing “standing” about this classy mic! Give it a try, your audience won’t be disappointed. ;-)

(*chanimations -MidnightMuse- contains photography props and poses with the following properties:

(no mod/no transfer):

• (*muse_blues,
• (*muse_micHold
• (*muse_kiss (holdMic),
• (*muse_kiss (legHigher),
• (*muse_kneel (lean),
• (*muse_kneel (leanSwap),
• (*muse_kneel,
• (*muse_kneel (turned),
• (*muse_micFloor,
• (*muse_micFloor (sit),
• (*muse_hangOn

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements with the set. To match the nature of the series, all poses are designed to go with high heels, of course :-D

PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

(copy/no mod/no trans)
• (*chanimations – standingMicrophone – 7 PRIMS

Stage decor:
(copy/mod/no trans)
• (*chanimations – microphoneCable (decoration)

(really no attachments this time – I’m kinda surprised myself!)

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