(*asianMasala: “RaqsSharqi”

“Dancing away through 1001 nights…”


An AsianMasala Set

Raqs sharqi, an Arabian term literally translated with “oriental dance”, is the classical Egyptian style of what most people in the West know as “belly dance” which developed during the first half of the 20th century.

(So it really is not Asian, we released in our asianMasala line mainly cause it fits the flavor of those previously released pose-sets best!)

While rooted in traditional dances, it has received influences from all directions and geographic regions and what you see today is in most cases a dynamic fusion of traditional dance, easter and western aspects, cabaret entertainment and artistic expression.

-RaqsSharqi- is dedicated to the playfulness and charm of middle eastern cymbal dance, and contains the following photography props and poses:

10 (20) POSES (no mod/no transfer):

• (*raqsSharqi_1
• (*raqsSharqi_1 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_2
• (*raqsSharqi_2 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_3
• (*raqsSharqi_3 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_4
• (*raqsSharqi_4 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_5
• (*raqsSharqi_5 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_6
• (*raqsSharqi_6 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_7
• (*raqsSharqi_7 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_8
• (*raqsSharqi_8 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_9
• (*raqsSharqi_9 (cymbals)
• (*raqsSharqi_10
• (*raqsSharqi_10 (cymbals)

All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements. All poses come with pointed fingers for use with the included cymbals, and if you want to use other props or nothing at all, with “relaxed” hand position (try our fans from the FetishCabaret “ShowGirl” set if you want to go more burlesque with these poses, they work really well together with them!)

(Please make sure that your AO or shoes with AO are turned off, as those poses CAN override the finger positions so that the pointed fingers are not displayed!)

And last, to make it easier on photographers who work with models, both a multiPosestand (4 PRIMS) and a multiPoseball (1 PRIM) are included. This way you can freely move your model yourself instead of ‘instructing them’ where to place their avartar.

Both responds to /1 show and /1 hide; posestand changes pose with the arrow buttons, the multiPoseball allows to toggle the poses by using the pageUp/pageDown keys.

PROPS (transfer/modify/no copy)

• (*chanimations cymbals (right)
• (*chanimations cymbals (left)
• (*chanimations cymbals correctHold (right)
• (*chanimations cymbals correctHold (left)

The cymbals are not scripted and only photoprops. Two versions are included due to the was SL handles finger animations. The correct way is to hold the cymbals with both thumbs and middle fingers – if you look at the hand from the side, it would be thumb being the lowest with cymbal opening upwards, then middle finger with cymbal opening downwards (so they can be clapped) – next up spread slightly higher would be pointing finger in an upward arched manner, ringfinger slightly higher again, pinki finger being the highest point of the hand gesture.

So in SL there’s two propblems: a) correct positioning is not possible due to inability to animate fingers in SL, and b) for smaller hand sizes it can be difficult to fit the middle finger cymbal in the hand. For that reason, a second version is included where the cymbals are on thumb and index finger – it’s not proper, but makes them more visible in pictures this way.


Because I know already one of you will ask:
• The blue costume and jewelry is by *Deviance* (creator: Surreal LeShelle) and at this point not released yet. I am assuming it will be out at some point during March 2011 – so you’ll need to lick your fingers for it a tiny bit longer still ;-)
• The green costume is to the best of my knowledge a discontinued silk from Solange. (creator: Solange Cerveau)
• Jewelry used with the green is from Zaara.
• The snake comes from ZOOBY’S pet store.

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