The marketplace madness..


Just a headsup…

I DID finally manage to get all the new carnival costumes on the marketplace (been kinda slacking on that in the past ;-D) and also managed to get some of my absolutely-not-adult things back to general settings :-P

The Lab made it a practical carnival’s joke it seems to slip some rather interesting bugs in when “introducing” the new automated word-filter-system on the marketplace which automatically sets maturity ratings now – to keep the teens and whoever else safe, and drive me and probably a few others insane… (think that is really making them safe? *ponders with an evil grin*)

If you’re listing items on former xstreet, you might wanna check your listings too and see what you can fix. According to the log of last Linden’s office hours addressing the marketplace problems of the last week, it seems things like the number 5, or written out number “six”, and an incredible load of other normal speech words were reason to set offers to “adult” rating… Been costing a fair amount of time to figure out what was going on, anyhow: good old Elise is back to her former innocent self now and her adult times are over :-D

Word of advice might be regardlessly… if you really want to see everything the marketplace offers (or keep wondering why your the favorite hat you used to buy a while back is not on anymore), you might want to consider turning 18+ on when browsing it – cause thanks to the new system, there is way more to find than only the “real” 18+ stuff….

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