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Merry Christmas!!

“Coming down the chimney tonight…”


“Santa Baby”
(*chanimations and deviousMind
Christmas GroupGift 2011

I’m making this short and sweet this time: YOU ALL ROCK!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from deviousMind
<3 Chandra and Lucca


Grab the gift while you can in our past group notices! (from now on the usual 14 days that SL keeps them) – Join our update group if you’d like to stay in touch with us about new releases and future group specials, gifts and everything more!

Search for “(*chanimations” in groups if you’re only interested in our poses, or join “!dM deviousMind – UPDATE Group” (both without quotes) if you’d like to receive update infos about all our other products as well (skins, eyes, living space, and whatever else crosses our creativity *chuckles*) — the poses information goes out to both groups so no need to double-join!

UPDATED: !dM HouseWarming


Santa is coming to town…

…so last year’s xMas pose set, !dM HouseWarming, got an appropriate update too ;D

The fireplace includes a color change menu now that let’s you pick between 3 shades of wood (a redish wood tone, nut tree and teak wood). And of course a bunch of stockings and decoration were added for each of the fireplace versions as well. With that, you have a total of 8 options now for either yourself alone or with a bunch of other girls (the fireplace fits 7 people total in its multisit version).

Have a look at our marketplace listing for all updated info on the set :)

BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Showtime” xMas Edition

“Ladies and Gentlemen – The Show beginns….. ”


“ShowTime” CouturePack
by deviousMind and (*chanimations

Following our previous burlesque CouturePack releases “ShowTime” **WINTERBURLESQUE**, **BLACK PEACOCK** and **CANARY YELLOW** is naturally one to fit the season – so the feathers have been replaced with soft pine needles, and it’s time that the curtain raises for our **XMAS EDITION**. As all previous ShowTime sets, this costume is beyond a versatile eye-catcher somewhat of a personal add-on edition to (*chanimations releases -ShowGirl-, -ShowDiva-, -FeatherQueen-, -FeatherDuet- and -MoulinRouge-, containing all the outfit pieces of these sets without poses, plus our DiamondLingerie in a special christmas color.

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A deviousWishlist for 2011

“Dear Santa…”


… A deviousWishlist!
by (*chanimations and deviousMind

As most of you know already, I was able to successfully capture a christmas elf last year which was found lurking around deviousMind sim. We had our fun and playtime, anyhow long story short, in the end could strike out a deal for some early xMas present deliveries (Blackmailing Santa’s Elf with possibly sending the photos to the Boss did prove rather efficient!).

Turns out, said elf is some sort of Chief Elf Christmas Executive (in short: CECE) at the company now, so it’s just reasonable to assume that last year’s blackmailing practice will be even more successfully this year! *evilgrin* So same as the past season, you will find a little mailbox at deviousMind waiting for your wishlist!


Write Santa a few short lines. If we— um… HE likes what he reads you might get your wish fullfilled!

Your notecard must contain the following information:

  • A short note to Santa why you deserve presents
  • Your full SL name inside the notecard
  • One item you’ve always wanted but never got out of our stores!Please look up the name of the item, if needed you can find most
    on the marketplace or our blog. And of course deviousMind sim!
    [Applies to any single item valued below 2000L from deviousBeauty,
    (*chanimations, and deviousPoses (adult)]
  • Name your notecard “2011-12-[date] Dear Santa…” and it’s going to be part of our daily drawing!
    IMPORTANT: Notecard name MAY NOT include your avatar name!
  • Only notecards dropped in the mailbox will be considered – please don’t sending any to my avatar!

    You turn your notecard in by dropping it into the mailbox right above the fireplace at (*chanimations main theater stage. Unfortunately my schedule varies dramatically this year, so the deadline will be fluctuating slightly every day – I’ll empty the mailbox between NOON SLT (12pm) and 3pm SLT though.

    The winner is drawn each day from all notecards received. Once entered, your notecard will be part of the drawing each day until christmas. Of course unless you won something, then you’re out :-) Everybody can win only once.


    BurlesqueCouture at deviousBeauty


    I’ve been working on something as silly and “simple” as a Landmark-Giver cause i was asked for one – anyway, it ended in a massive project as you can see above – I am more than happy with the final result though!! :D

    The poster shows the following costumes:

    left: !dM “Good Girl” **MINT** – NEW Release
    right: !dM “Perola do Brasil” **WHITE**
    middle: Costume mix from several releases:

  • !dM “LaMadame” (MermaidSkirt and gloves **PEARL**, shirt layer **GOLD**),
  • !dM “MissDhalia” (corset in **PEARL**),
  • !dM MoulinRouge **BLACK** (pasties and tassles),
  • !dM “MmeChatouille” **WHITE** (tophat);
  • (*chanimations FetishCabaret SET 10 “ShowDiva” **WHITE** (pose and matching feather boa, cigarette holder)
  • Feel free to click the poster for a direct taxi to deviousBeauty!

    BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Good Girl”

    “So tell me, what did you do for those pearls?”

    “Good Girl”
    Burlesque Couture
    by !dM deviousMind

    Winter is right around the corner, and with the masses of white fluffy snow, it just seams reasonable to combat the cold with hottness – in season appropriate snowy pastel colors, naturally.

    GoodGirl_Ad_marketplace_MINTThis outfit evolved from a customer request for Rose Ali’s costume from “Burlesque”. But of course it got it’s devious twist to it to match all sorts of “good girls” *winks* and needs of SL’s burlesque performers! This burlesque release derives noticably from our usual deviousBeauty color spectrum and is available beyond the ‘original’ movie shade, **BLUSH**, in 6 further colors **PEARL**, **COFFEE**, **HONEY**, **LILAC**, **MINT**, **ONYX**, and of course in a **PASTEL PACK* which includes all pieces in all colors!

    The illustrated outfit consists of a variety of different items and clothing layers, to allow for the most flexibility when styling your avatar. The shiney ruffled satin corset can be worn with or without a holderneck option and ranges from modest to way more daring depending on if you choose to cover up with elegant rhinestones cups, or go cupless with pasties and tassles instead. The matching fluffy feather skirt comes in two parts to allow you wearing it as little ballerina tutu or with the full feather tail combined. It includes a little flower bud attachment to go with the frilly undies, as well as a softly shaded stockings option. And to give it the final 20s classy touch, the costume includes a bowler hat in two versions.

    Added with version update 2.0 is a mesh corset in 7 sizes for incredible body curves, or if you want to go all out, matching appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breasts! To top it all of for curvy pinUp galore, try mixing mesh corset and Tangos with bra appliers :D Tangos themselves are NOT part of the outfit and sold by creator Sandi Moonites.

    With update v2.1, the costume received as well Omega Appliers so you are able to wear the costume with all your favorite Omega supporting mesh bodies and body parts.

    ATTENTION: You need to ACTIVATE the omega scripts for most bodies and body parts. Please see information further down.

    Those attachments that may require resizing can be adjusted by touch through a resize and stretch menu. Please see included notecard for details.

    Shoes are NOT part of the costume – worn for the ad are different releases by other SL creators.

    As well included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – please find all details of content after the content listing.

    You should find the following things in your new couture box:
    ** represents the color you have purchased.
    All permissions are (copy/no modify/no transfer)

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    (*chanimations – “An Alchemist’s Tale” (Sourceress SET 8)

    “The green brew boiling…”


    -The Sourceress-
    “An Alchemist’s Tale.”
    October 2011

    Sourceress SET 8 -An Alchemist’s Tale- brings you everything you need for a real Halloween’s night brew – or your RP character’s alchemy room.

    The set contains photography props and poses with the following properties:

    10 POSES (no mod/no transfer):

    • (*alchemy_intoThePot,
    • (*alchemy_smell,
    • (*alchemy_taste,
    • (*alchemy_stir,
    • (*alchemy_try,
    • (*alchemy_tryKneel,
    • (*alchemy_look,
    • (*alchemy,
    • (*alchemy_watcher,
    • (*alchemy_wather (handUp)

    All POSES are static and come with ‘copy’ rights so you can put them into your posestands or make own poseball arrangements.

    PROPS (detailed info to each after listing):

    (copy/no transfer/no modify)
    • (*chanimations – alchemyArmoire (highDetail) – 87 PRIMS
    • (*chanimations – alchemyArmoire – 66 PRIMS
    • (*chanimations – alchemyArmoire (LP) – 44 PRIMS

    • (*chanimations – Alchemist’s WitchBrew Cauldron (miniProp) – 20 PRIMS

    Rezz optional:
    • (*chanimations ‘An Alchemist’s Tale’ multiPoseball – 1 PRIM
    • (*chanimations ‘An Alchemist’s Tale’ multiPosestand – 4 PRIMS

    (transfer/no copy/no modify)
    • (*chanimations – alchemyBowl (left hand)
    • (*chanimations – alchemist spoon (right hand)



    The alchemy armoire contains different menu-driven special effects ranging from animated textures (with on/off option) and animated prim effects to particles, and was created with love for details, fun, and custom textures.

    The prims of the magic spheres offer different states, which you can access by menu to add the extra magic to your photoshooting or roleplay experience. To access the menu, click the cauldron. Menu offers you the following options:

    • choose default sceneries or disable all special effects,
    • add boiling cauldron, or turn them back off,
    • select the state of the spell’s magic beams,
    • set permissions who may access the above mentioned options to anyone, group, or owner only. – Default on rez is set to OWNER ONLY, pose menu is not effected by this selection.

    Please keep in mind: To see glow and light, it requires for at least ‘basic shaders’ and ‘nearby local lights’ being enabled in preferences – ‘at least’ cause Windlight is obviously more picture taking fun ;-) )



    The spell adjustment menu works with stored prim animation frames – as a result of this you cannot [shift]-copy the spell because it would delete the stored frames and the copy of the prop will not function correctly – if you need multiple copies of the prop, ALWAYS rezz from inventory to ensure it works! Same applies for resetting: If required, rezz a fresh copy from inventory and delete the old one.


    The attachments come with (transfer/no copy) settings so you can pass it to your model – or rezz the items and position them instead if you’re unsure that they will give it back!

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