BurlesqueCouture: “50sPinUp” **CANDYCANE**

UPDATED on March 17th, 2013.
“Let it out!!”

“50sPinUp **CANDYCANE**”
Burlesque Couture and Costume
by !dM deviousMind

…Inspired by classic 50s pinUps, here’s a new little lingerie and costume combo for you all, which is available in **CANDYCANE**, **LEOPARD** and new for xMas 2010 **CANDYCANE** print at deviousBeauty!

This illustrated couture set consists of a variety of different items and clothing layers, to allow utmost flexibility when styling your avatar. Included are a short top, 2 different minidress/corset top options, 3 alternative bottom combinations each with and without garter, 2 panties options, waist corset, sash, 2 gloves’ versions and stockings.

With update 2.0 we also took a closer look at the minidress options, so now you get to pick between the short minidress (that has been part since original release) or a babydoll style. All top options include with update v2.0 as well appliers for Lolas Tango. [Tangos themselves are NOT part of the outfit and sold by creator Sandi Moonites.]

Shoes are NOT included in the costume! Worn for the vendor image are various styles from other creators.

Included is an UPDATE CHECK to keep you up to date with every piece of this outfit – please read all information at the end of the content listing.

When all is unpacked, you should find the following things in your inventory:

Clothing layers:

Jacket layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/AB strapless **CANDYCANE***
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/AB strapless w/garter **CANDYCANE
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/AB slingtop **CANDYCANE***
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/AB slingtop w/garter **CANDYCANE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – waistcorset/AB **CANDYCANE***
• !dM 50sPinUp – waistcorset/AB w/garter **CANDYCANE***

Shirt layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress/A strapless **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress/A slingtop **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – waistcorset/A **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – netTop **CANDYCANE**

Undershirt layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress/A strapless **CANDYCANE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress/A slingtop **CANDYCANE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – waistcorset/A **CANDYCANE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – netTop **CANDYCANE*

Pants layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – panties **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – panties w/garter **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – panties **WHITE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – panties w/garter **WHITE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/B **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/B w/garter **CANDYCANE**

Tip: Try the following parts also combined with waistcorset/A for highcut panties:
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress bodice/B **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress bodice/B w/garter **CANDYCANE**

Underpants layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – panties **CANDYCANE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – panties **WHITE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress corset/B **CANDYCANE*
• !dM 50sPinUp – minidress bodice/B **CANDYCANE*

Socks layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – stockings **WHITE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – stockings w/wrinkles **WHITE**

Gloves layer:
• !dM 50sPinUp – gloveShort **WHITE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – gloveLong **WHITE**

Prim attachments with resize and stretch option:

• !dM 50sPinUp – miniDress **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – miniDress babydoll **CANDYCANE**

• !dM 50sPinUp – waistSash **CANDYCANE**
• !dM 50sPinUp – waistSash **CANDYGREEN**

• !dM 50sPinUp – gloveShort Frills **CANDYCANE** (right)
• !dM 50sPinUp – gloveShort Frills **CANDYCANE** (left)
• !dM 50sPinUp – gloveLong Frills **CANDYCANE** (right)
• !dM 50sPinUp – gloveLong Frills **CANDYCANE** (left)

Prim attachments no mod/without resize:

• !dM 50sPinUp – candycaneOrnament (chest)
• !dM 50sPinUp – candycaneOrnament (left upper leg)
• !dM 50sPinUp – candycaneEarrings (right)
• !dM 50sPinUp – candycaneEarrings (left)

Checking for Updates:

• !dM deviousMind “50sPinUp” – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz)

Please inform us if anything is missing, but make sure SL did really unpack it all – sometimes not all items are copied to your inventory, so please double-check by unpacking the box again in a low-lag zone before contacting us. Keep your original box as back-up!


Included in this set are appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breasts, created by Sandi Moonites. Please see creator profile for information where to acquire them and take note, the appliers will work with “Tango” only and none of the older mesh/prim breasts out there.

Appliers and Lolas do sometimes “get stuck” with lag – if you’re hitting the applier HUD with no changes of your Lolas’ texture, please first check that the correct layer and corresponding HUD is being used (dress top or dress bra) and the sim you are in allows scripts. If it still won’t work, re-attach both Lolas and HUD and try again.


We’ve taken special account to using a resize script, that operates from the root prim only! And to make it even better, unlike old scripts, it allows you to stretch the pieces into one direction individually, so you can make things wider or narrower only to adjust them to your shape.

In most cases it helps to adjust the placement of the prims on your avatar before resizing, as the attachment position on first wearing highly depends on the height of your shape, length of arms/legs, etc., so items attach for everybody slightly different (higher or lower, sometimes a little rotating forward/backwards). You will find a picture guide in this box to explain how to edit the attachment point if you are unfamiliar with how to do it. :-)

Please make sure to take a copy of the original items (or keep your original box for backup in the folder) before moding and delete the scripts out of this modded copy after you are done! Included is a notecard for all functions of the script.


The pack includes an object named !dM “50sPinUp” – CHECK FOR UPDATE (rezz), which will check for free upgrades to any of the content of this set. We’ve included this so you will be up-to-date on all changes that might occur of any of the items and scripts in this set.

When rezzing, it will take a short while before the update client connects to our server and you will receive your free upgrade should any be available. In the rare case when it doesn’t automatically connect, you can call for the update manually by typing “/12update” (without quotes) in open chat right next to the object.

If nothing happens at all even after the manual call for it, it might be there is no update set up yet – it will function and reply though once the first update is available.

You don’t need to check daily yourself, we keep you informed through our mainstore by adding the same ‘updated’ sign as in this object around our vendor, and updates will also be listed on our blog: http://chanimations.deviousmind.net/about/updated/

And as with everything scripted: Make sure you are in a sim that allows for scripts to run!
Enjoy your new costume!


All textures for this set (except those used for candy canes) were created by Chandra Meehan for (*chanimations and deviousMind – if you find them used by anybody else not connected to us, please inform us! Thank you in advance!

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