“… and the devious spider goes to …”

We would like to thank you all again for the amazing entries to our HalloweenContest, it’s been a tough time deciding and a great experience to see all the little details that made your pictures so outstanding. At this point, I’d like to thank everybody for the time you put into the images, there’s been some where we could clearly tell you spent a lot of time preparing the stage inside of SL, or afterwards in a graphics programm. So as it seems, you’ve been all benefitting from my hard time to decide and everybody who participated should have received a giftbox by now with a so far unreleased (*chanimations set. :-D if the gift didn’t arrive in your inventory (inventory capped or something), please leave me a message inworld and I’ll get it to you asap.

Although everything was announced and distributed inworld already a good few days ago, I just realized that I forgot to post the main prize winners of our contest as well on the blog!

So here it comes –

A big congrats goes to:


(I’ve abstracted the collage quite a bit, cause I really would like you to rather see the work in large size at the original source! Please stop by the large size images on those ladies’ flickr stream by clicking the respective names!)

1st prize of 1500 L$ cash and 1500 L$ store giftCard goes to Azy Xue
(The picture contains nudity and requires flickr login to visit)

2nd prize of 1000 L$ cash and 1000 L$ store giftCard goes to Emmins13 Sygall, aka -emms-

3rd prize of 500 L$ cash and 500 L$ store giftCard goes to Bella Slade

And while you’re over there, have a look at the other amazing entries in our group pool! I just can’t say “thank you thank you thank you!” for picking up the challenge and participating often enough!

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