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Halloween pictureContest October 2010

Well I wasn’t really planning to do another photo contest this year… but while browsing through our flickr pool it got the better of me! And it’s probably pretty obvious – I LOVE Halloween! So I summoned one of those dead vampire brides into the creepy attick of deviousMind sim and shot away, barely making it not to be eaten. So here’s the result, and I am proud to announce:


And of course there is some goodies to be had for you as well:

First Prize:
• 1500L paid out to you directly, plus a 1500L gift card for (*chanimations
• A big spider!

Second Prize:
• 1000L paid out to you directly, plus a 1000L gift card for (*chanimations
• A half-as-big spider!

Third Prize:
• 500L paid out to you directly, plus a 500L gift card for (*chanimations
• A spider that’s a bit smaller than half-as-big!

…True enough the spiders were just a joke at first, but now that I’m thinking about it….. *evil grin*


Please follow these guidelines for your submission:

1. I would like to see what you do with my creations and the Halloween theme. For that reason, I’d like to see (*chanimations and !dM deviousMind items as main part of the image. It doesn’t matter if you mix poses and clothing items or if you use clothing with other creator’s poses and vice versa, my photoprops with somebody else’s fashion. However, please credit the things you have used in your picture description.

2. Only pictures who follow the above main rule are eligible to enter – beyond that, all graphical styles and themes are allowed! I’m curious what Halloween is going to be for you this year… It doesn’t matter if it’s creepy, cheerful, bloody or pin-up burlesque – all traditions, stereotypes or new approaches to the theme are allowed and welcome :-D

3. Post-production with any graphic program is allowed and encouraged, but of course also ‘plain SL snapshots’ can be submitted if you feel it works with your image concept!

You are the creator of the artwork and hold full rights on the image! Please don’t hire a photographer to do the work for you! With submitting your pictures to the contest, you are granting deviousMind the right to use it in connection to our sim (for example pictures in the buildings, to post on our blog, or future use connected to deviousMind).


5. No specific image formate or proportionas are required just don’t make it tiny :-D meaning, have one of the sides (height or width) be at least 1000 pixel.

6. You may submit up to TWO entries. Take your time and decide on your finals and don’t submit more than those two. Changes on your selections can be made until deadline – not afterwards. If you submitted MORE than two images, please understand that your entries CANNOT be considered for the first prizes.

7. Submit your picture to our flickr pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/chanimations – if it is needing ‘restricted’ flagging according to flickr ToS, please follow the link on the group page to our v18+ image pool.

7.a OPTIONAL: if you don’t have a flickr account, leave a comment with a link where your image can be downloaded in the comments to this post. Your comment MUST include ‘Submission for pictureContest by [YOUR AVATAR NAME]’ to be able to contact you and as well recognize it as “not another spam link” :-D (Please don’t use this option if you DO have a flickr account, to keep it easier managable)

8. Your work MUST be TAGGED with “deviousMind halloweenContest 2010” otherwise it will not enter the contest (we will search by tag to see all submissions since there is other images in our pools as well). So if the picture doesn’t show up in search it will likely not be seen :-(

9. Deadline for entries will be Thursday, October 28th 2010 at noon Second Life time (12pm SLT). Submissions after this time will not be valid anymore.

Extended Deadline: Saturday, October 30th 2010 at noon SLT! Good luck!!

Have fun, and we’re looking forward to see your creativity and your entries!

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